Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day in the Life

Not too much happening out here in Guam. Very Groundhog Day. Same thing, every day. But, that's sort of what I like, so I'm not really complaining. Still haven't gotten set up to start scrapbooking again. And I worked out all week last week, and now I'm sick, so I quit. Remember when I got deathly ill in CT? I, in fact, contracted Captain Trips? Well, I'm TERRIFIED of that happening again, knowing that Nick can't just take off early and come help me. So I cried all day yesterday worrying that I was going to get sicker. But, obviously, I'm fine. I was probably sicker worrying about getting sicker than I actually was sick. Shrug.

Took the kids to swim lessons again today. It's so hard! I mean, what did I think, right? The big kids have to sit in chairs and behave while I'm in the pool for Warren's lesson. Yeah, right. Anyone out there EVER seen my kids behave? I bring tons of snacks (despite the NO FOOD OR DRINKS signs everything) and books and crayons and video games and baby dolls and Handy Manny tools...nothing helps. They fight, they hit, they run around, they play in the water...someone's gonna drown. And frankly, I doubt the lifeguards will even notice.

Remember when you were little and you'd go to the pool? And then THAT FAMILY would show up, and you'd cringe, both out of embarrassment for the mother and in frustration that your afternoon was going to be ruined? Yep, you guessed it. Team Engelbrecht is THAT FAMILY. I can just hear the collective sighs when we barrel through the office, baby screaming in his stroller, kids racing ahead (also screaming), me (weighted down with not one, not two, but THREE BEACH BAGS) screaming at everyone to stop screaming...then we settle into our chairs and tear into a huge baggie of snacks as if we haven't eaten in days. Why are they always hungry? I know the other moms, as soon as I'm out of earshot, talk about how I must not make them eat at home, they think my kids are those naughty kids who only eat junk food snacks, but ya'll- I SWEAR, that's not how it us! They eat their meals! They clean their plates for breakfast, every day! And STILL, they just keep eating! I can't even go to play dates at the park because it's too much work to pack enough snacks!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

And today, it wasn't even enough that they were naughty for me- they actually were so naughty in their lesson that the teacher made them get out and sit on the side of the pool. HOW EMBARRASSING!!! I wanted to just melt into the floor.

And then, there's tons of other moms around. And I, seriously, even though it makes me physically ill, have made a sincere effort to talk to them, to be super friendly, just hoping for someone to be my friend. I mean, how did I get sucked back to the first grade: Wanna be my best friend? But that's what it's come to. And I got zilch. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! It's these kids! No one wants to run the risk of my kids infecting theirs with Naughtiness!

But alas, when they're not being naughty (and we get at least ten minutes a day, sometimes even twelve) they're pretty stinkin cute. Here's the good stuff :)

This is my son, who is constantly losing his pacifier. So, he's decided to take things into his own hands- he'll just share with a doll. No biggie.

And here he is, trying to ride the trike. So sweet. First, he has to survey the scene, do a little operational risk assessment.

He then packs his goods (in this case, a handful of crackers that he got from God knows where) in the trunk...

After deciding that the benefits of this particular mission far outweigh the risks, he begins to climb on board...but something just doesn't seem right...

Ahh, there we go. This is better!

Perhaps the risks WERE too great! While his mother sits idly by, snapping photos, he takes a tumble...

Not to be deterred...he gets back up...

Heads right back into the line of fire...

And successfully completes his mission! What a guy.

Although, once at this point, he can do nothing but sit still, as his feet are nowhere near the pedals. And you know his mama ain't getting out of the chair to push him.

Now check this out. Ava has just been punished (which, besides a few seconds of tears, has no lasting effects) and Warren raced over to give her a hug! HOW FRICKIN SWEET IS THAT!!!???

And lastly, here is the first real lizard I've seen in the house. Shudder. He's crawling along above my kitchen cabinets. Notice the wall is still a horrid shade of yellow.


  1. I'm laughing WITH you... not AT you, I swear. It's so funny to me 'cause THIS IS MY LIFE!!! And let's be honest here... You're kids do have a huge excuse since they just moved across the world and everything changed. My kids?? Nope. They've spent all their lives in this sweet town, so no transitions to adjust to here. And I'm so sorry about the friends thing. Okay, I lied about them living here their whole lives. Just remembered that we did in fact move to GA for a very short stint and we HATED it, for many many reasons, but mostly because we had NO friends. I was so sad there. It was hard to deal with them all day long by myself, and not have a single adult I could call up and say, "Hey, let's go to the park!" And now that I think about it, my kids were almost exactly your kids ages when that happened. I was miserable. Seriously miserable. I quit returning phone calls from my old friends because it made me even sadder to talk to them. It was hard. My husband finally searched for another job, so back we came to our precious town. I will pray for some very dear friends to come your way. Ones who have kids like ours, who don't even bat an eye when your son dumps a pail of water out on her child's shoes. One who makes you laugh a ton and leaves you with sides that hurt from laughing so much. After all, we all deserve that in life. So, I will start praying for that right now. :)
    Again, what is it with me and the super long comments to you??? Seriously, I'm long winded, but not usually with comments! Guess that's what happens when my house is kinda quiet and I have four seconds to myself.
    Hope things get better there.

  2. OK, so any mom who doesn't feel like she is THAT family has her head so far up her a$$ she can't see the light of day and you don't WANT to be friends with her!!!

    And on the scrap booking front, did you know you can print your blog into a book??? Pictures and all with no scissors or tape!! Do a google search for blog to book!

    Here's what I learned moving 9 times in 12 years...9 out of 10 moms WANT you to ask THEM to go to the park. Do it girl!!