Thursday, May 13, 2010


Still on the fence, teetering between loving my tropical paradise, and hating my remote deserted island. I'd like to say it's a day to day thing, as in: some days I love it, some days I hate it. But it's more like an hour to hour thing. Or even minute to minute. Let's take today.

I love the weather. I mean, LOVE it. It never gets cold! BUT, I hate that even though I slather sunscreen all over my kids every day, their noses keep getting burned, and their little arms and legs are a dark shade of brown. Definitely gonna get skin cancer. And, not to sound selfish, but I laid out the other day in my work out shorts and a sports bra and now my belly is LOBSTER RED and super sore. Good idea there Jenn.

I love my big huge house with a playroom bigger than some people's entire homes, but I sure do hate having to clean it all by myself. Nick has always had plenty of downtime to take a serious chunk of that housework off my hands.

Which brings me to how much I hate (really, loathe would be a better word. I love drama) Nick's new job. The job, the boat, the whole shebang. I'd rather he was actually out to sea than leaving for work before six and getting home after seven. I mean, that's just stupid. They're IN PORT. What is so frigging important that they need to stay there that long? Is the boat about to sink? No? Nuclear meltdown? Nope. SO GO HOME! BUT, I love the other boat wives I've met so far.

Love my huge, totally shaded backyard. Seriously, have I mentioned that the sun is different here? Because it is. So, it's SUPER hot when you're in the sun. But in the shade, it's all breezes and glasses of lemonade. Perfecto. So, I love my huge, shaded backyard, but I HATE HATE HATE the mango problem. Look at all these dang mangoes! And that's just since last weekend. Ugh.

Hate being woken up (at two and three in the morning, and then ALL DAY LONG) by these roosters, but c'mon, of course I love watching mama chickens and their little babies run across the streets. Who wouldn't love these little guys?

And there's no hate for this, just love. You know. Your everyday, average......concrete igloo. On the rooftop. What, your neighbors aren't doing this?

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