Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Sucks

I’m not gonna say too much about Lost. I knew as soon as it started that it was going to be ridiculous. I was FURIOUS when I went to bed last night, but I’ve cooled off a little. After all, it was JUST A SHOW. Right? If this had been a book series that I’d invested years into reading, then my fury would NOT be subsiding.

I feel like the writer’s just got tired. Their biggest mistake (in my opinion, and seriously, even though I’d rather die before I let anyone read anything I write, I actually do consider myself a writer. So I feel like my opinion is a little valid) was saying from the beginning that they had a plan, that they already had the final scene mapped out in their heads. Sure, maybe they did, if you consider the final scene Jack closing his eye. But if you consider the church business the final scene…I think they came up with that idea last week. Here’s what I think went on in the writer’s room this year.

Writer A: Man, I’m so tired. Here’s my ten year old, he’s gonna write my parts for me.

Ten Year Old: Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if they threw Des down the well and it was a real cork? And then…the man in black was normal, and Kate came out of nowhere and shot him? And then…maybe Miles could find some duct tape and tape the plane back together! Yeah, that’d be awesome, that’s what we’ll do!

Writer B: Well, don’t forget, we have to wrap up this sideways story too. Those producers got on national TV and said it wasn’t a fake reality, so we have to do something!

Writer C: Oh, c’mon, no one will hold us to that. Let’s make it purgatory. Then we don’t have to explain anything!

Writer B: Well…I’m pretty tired too. I guess that’ll work. What about the six years of mysteries we’ve been saying that we knew all about? We laid the groundwork for baby Aaron, and Special Walt, and all the Dharma crap with the babies and Danielle and the sickness and all…what do we do about that?

Writer C: Well, we already swore that this was the last season. And there’s just not enough time left. So, let’s just scrap it. Don’t worry about it. TV viewers are so stupid, they won’t care anyway.

So yeah, guess I am still a little furious. I just wish they hadn’t set themselves up for failure. Don’t say you’ve had a plan, if you never, in fact, had a plan. Ya’ll know how much I love Harry Potter, right? And yeah, I thought the ending left a little to be desired. I thought it would have meant more if Harry or Ron or Hermione had died for the cause. I thought the epilogue was a total cheese fest. But never, in the three times I’ve read it, did I ever doubt that good ole JK had had it all figured out, before she even started writing book one. She had a plan, and she dropped hints and opened mysteries accordingly, throughout the series. She knew what she was doing. She made a promise to millions of readers around the world, and she kept her word. I just wish the Lost writer’s hadn’t made a promise that they couldn’t keep. And seriously, I get the impression that they didn’t even care if they kept their word.

And by the way, I’ve been reading reviews and everyone is all excited because they think that they show ended with a Christian message: that all that matters is that you lead a good life, that you’re a good person. Uh, time to wake up guys. Being a good person? Not gonna get you through those sideways world church doors. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. I HATE the “be a good person” line. Yes, I think that people should try to be nice. And less stupid. But being nice is NOT ENOUGH! But that’s a whole nother post. Yes, I said “a whole nother.” That’s a phrase.

And yeah, the Sawyer/Juliette scene at the vending machine? Totally cried my eyes out. I just love them! If he had ended up with Kate, I would have thrown my shoe through our TV.

But, today is the day the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s nest is supposed to be realized for America, so I’ve gotta find a way to get it on my Kindle. I better not have to wait until it’s tomorrow in the states.


  1. God I love you. Like I REALLY love you. How were we not best friends in Auburn?? I guess b/c you had the whole ROTC working hard for your money thing and I had my whole, work every side job at the hospital work hard for the money thing going. But seriously, your blog is one of my favorites and I'm pretty sure you are one of my soul mate/ sister wives. And if I lived in Guam, you would be my very best friend and I would proudly go to the pool with you with our 6 kids, 3 strollers, 12 beach bags and 5 tons of food and DARE the haters to look at us sideways.

    You complete me.

  2. So I skipped the recap because I was in the air when it aired, but I just want to give you a big hug for stating it loud and proud that being good is not good enough. =)