Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I know ya'll are so sick of hearing about Pioneer Woman. So I'll take a quick break. To tell you go hop to another blog. Because I just can't stop! I might be obsessed. If I weren't stranded on this deserted island, PW might have to file a restraining order or something.

So, while perusing her website once again, instead of cleaning my house or mothering my children, I found a PHOTOGRAPHED index of all her recipies! And it's in alphabetical order! It's like this woman is my soul mate or something!

I mean, if Nick weren't already my soul mate. Of course that's what I mean.

Anyway. I'm sick of my (limited) cards in my recipe box, so this week I'm going All PW, All the Time. Here's my game plan.

Sunday: linguine with clam sauce Gross, I know. But my man likes seafood, so here we go. I'll be eating naked noodles I keep out and a bowl of cereal or something equally indulgent after the kids go to bed.

Monday: beef and broccoli Now, I suppose, this isn't technically a PW recipe. It's a friend of hers (so she claims) who has her own cookbook out, that I might buy just because PW says to. And you know, I like to do everything she says. But anyway, it's on her website, so it counts.

Tuesday: white chicken enchiladas (I'm curious to see if she can beat my beloved Sam the Cooking Guy's version) and basic mexican rice

Wednesday:chicken parmesan

Thursday: chicken spaghetti

Friday: leftovers or freezer food. Because, you guessed it, Nick has duty again. Must be nice for all these JOs that the dept heads stand all the Friday duty. Just kidding. But I am a little bitter.

Saturday: grill out. Because that's how we roll on Saturdays.

All right. I guess Friday and Saturday aren't really All PW, All the Time. So sue me.

As usual, head over here for tons of great meal planning ideas!

And PS, here in Bizzaro World, I get to watch the Lost finale tonight, even though everyone else got to see it Sunday night. AND, I haven't peeked, not one time this ENTIRE SEASON! Well, except for a teeny tiny peek, and that was Nick's fault. He found (how did he find? no idea) the first few minutes of the season premiere on youtube. And I caved and watched it, but that was only the day before, and it didn't really give ANYTHING away, like at all. So it sort of doesn't count. Not looking around for spoilers has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it's been sort of nice. The downside is that every single book I've read since I got to the island (you like that? the island?) I've read the last few chapters first. That's been like my methadone to my spoiler addiction.

So, ya'll have seen it- was I right? Was Ben truly one of the good guys? Did Sawyer meet Juliette for coffee somewhere in sideways world? Did Hurley end up being the Island Guardian or whatever they call it? Did we get any answers about why Aaron was so important? Did Walt ever come back? Did we get any answers AT ALL? I'm so excited! Four and a half hours of Lost, here I come!!!

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