Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Wow. I know I say this, literally, all the time, but is it seriously Monday again already? Hard to believe. This week's menu isn't much work because we have a lot going on and...well, let's just be honest, I'm not in the mood for much lately. That BBQ recipe I've had forever took like an hour JUST FOR THE SAUCE last week, and it wasn't even that good. It doesn't help that the chicken here is a, but still. I'm not spending an hour on something that doesn't make me die a little when I eat it. So that article is now in the trash. Everything else was good, all PW's recipes were every bit as amazing as I expected them to be :) AND my copy of the book finally came in, so I can give that to Mindy and be even less careful (if that's at all possible) with the copy she lent me.

All right, back to business.

Monday: crock pot ribs with the rest of that less than stellar BBQ sauce from last week

Tuesday: PW's chicken pot pie. HEAVEN. By far, my favorite recipe of hers so far. But I'm going to do the ENTIRE book, so stay tuned. Maybe something will knock it out of first place. Doubt it. Sorry I can't find the link. If you want the recipe, just email me. Seriously, it's worth it. It will make a man want to marry you. It will make your guests so jealous. It will make your children think you're the coolest mom ever. It will make all your wildest dreams come true. Vote for Pedro.

Wednesday: talipia. How fun! I'm a fish eater! And I don't even have to worry about all that don't-eat-fish-if-you're-pregnant business because I'm STILL NOT PREGNANT. So that's a plus.

Thursday: freezer food (or more likely, leftover chicken pot pie) because Nick has duty.

Friday: not sure. we have a party to go to, but I'm still up in the air about getting a sitter. If I stay with the kids, we'll probably eat more leftovers or out of the freezer. Again. Or a box of mac and cheese. You know. The ushe.

Saturday: grilled chicken tacos. Ahh, one of my old faves. Found my recipe box.

Sunday: halloween chicken chili. Ahh. Another old fave. Sweet sweet Sam the Cooking Guy. PW stole your thunder, but there's still room for you in my heart.

What's on your menu this week? As usual, check out this chica for some inspiration.


  1. I'm a huge fan of PW, her website and her cookbook. That said, my go-to fav recipe is RR's Southwestern Pasta Bake or Southwestern Chicken Pasta Bake. I don't have a link but I'll bet you can find it on or Really, it's super.

  2. Jenn,
    FYI - you CAN eat fish when your preggo, just have to be careful which ones. One big no no is Ahi (sp?) tuna. We do salmon all the time. If you want I can try to get a few recipes together for you this weekend. I have a few really good ones where you can't even tell your eating fish!

    I finally borrowed the PW from the library. Sorry to say but at first glance, not to impressed. But we'll see. I am excited to try her dough and pie crust recipes out. How long does it take to make the Chicken pot pie?