Sunday, May 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I don't feel like going to the grocery store this week. I was going to come up with some sort of elaborate story about how busy and important I am, but the truth is...I just don't feel like going. I sent Nick yesterday to get some bread and our standard nineteen gallons of milk, but other than that, we'll be eating out of the pantry and the freezer. My poor kids.

Sunday: some steak sandwiches from my beloved PW. And probably Nick will fry some potatoes to go with it.

Monday: simple, perfect chili Now, ya'll know how much I love my chili from Paula Dean. BUT, I set a goal- I gotta cook every single recipe in this book. So, I gotta try the chili, I guess. We'll see.

Tuesday: pepperoni pizza puffs (using leftover ham steak, bc I don't have pepperoni and I'm NOT going to the commissary this week) Have I shared this recipe with you? Here's the link. It's so easy and good, and fun. The kids loved it last time. There's just something about eating teeny tiny muffins, I guess... just goes along with my theory that kids are dumb.

Wednesday: mexican casserole. I haven't made this in ages. I got the recipe a few holiday seasons ago at my sister's house, and I used to make it at least twice a month.

Thursday: leftovers/freezer food. You guessed it: Nick has duty.

Friday: black bean soup in the crockpot. (but truthfully, we'll probably grill out, or get something to bring home)

Saturday: grill out. I'm thinking grilled chicken tacos. We'll see.

So that's my anti-commissary plan for the week. What's on your menu? If you need a little inspiration, head on over here for some fresh idears.

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