Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our First Hike!

Actually, our first hikeS. Because we did two! Because we are badasses, and that's how we roll.

The first one started out easily enough. We drove down a dirt rode past a rackety looking church, with the mayor's office in an outhouse-sized building in the back, parked in some guy's yard, and started our adventure.
First were some easy looking steps. Ya'll remember when I had to run the stairs in the coliseum at Auburn? I shudder at the memory. So, no, these steps didn't look innocent to me, and they weren't. But it was smooth sailing compared to what we had in store next.
But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

So we climbed the stairs, hiked up a short trail, and then Scott got to climb around the biggest "shoot guns" he'd ever seen. I say he didn't understand what they were. Nick says he got some sort of historical weapons lesson out of it. Hmph.

Posed for a few shots.

Then headed back to the van.

Drove way up north, and got the big guns out for the next hike. Scott got to ride in the frame-backpack, Warren got to ride in the ergo. Originally, I was going to wear him on my back, but then I saw what we were up against, and switched him to the front. Easier to balance. Ava got to walk. Lucky lady.

The view from where we parked. Knowing we were going all the way down to the water? Pretty daunting.

Getting down to business. Did I mention Ava had to walk?

After that shot, I had to put the camera away and grab on to tree branches for dear life, the ENTIRE WAY DOWN.

But we made it, and here we (they-as usual, I didn't get in ANY shots!)- here they are at the summit. I guess it can't technically be called the summit, since it was down, instead of up, but whatev. That's what I'm calling it. The little clearing at the foot of the mountain, before we broke through and saw...

This view.

Ahhhh. I haven't converted to being a Guam-lover yet, but man, there's nothing like being surrounded by scenes that could have been in an episode of Lost.

Being surrounded by scenes like these isn't half bad either :)

And then we hiked back up. Way way way up. It was long, hard work. But, as far as balancing, I thought it was easier going up than down. Ava...probably wouldn't agree. She cried. The whole. Way. Up.

But she did it. She hiked down that sucker, and then she turned around and hiked right back up. No one will EVER tell me that kid ain't tough, not ever.

What did YOU do today?

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  1. You did Haputo!!! Isn't it awesome?? Where's that gun? There are so many rickety churches and small mayor's offices scattered all over, and you didn't mention Burger King, KMart or a blue bus, so my points of reference are all missing....

    Have a Happy Mother's Day.