Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahh, Guam

So, a while back, I updated my status on FB to say that I'd seen a water buffalo, walking down the street, with a dog on its back. And, naturally, as this is something unique to Guam, no one else really knew what I was talking about. So I put my camera in my car every morning on the way to school, in the hopes that one day, I'd see this magnificent sight again. Well ya'll, it finally happened. And here it is. You're welcome.

Come on. Admit it. You want to move here. Roosters, mangoes, concrete igloos, water buffalo with dogs on their backs...where else ya gonna see things like this? Huh?


  1. Due to the frequency with which I seem to be visiting the Naval base, I am contemplating moving there. On one of my trips, I saw the dog on the carabao, and have ever since been sure to have a camera in my car to get a picture because, like you said, words don't do it justice! I have driven down and back no less than one thousand times and haven't seen them again, so am a little jealous of your pictures, but now more hopeful than ever it will not elude me forever!

  2. Just showed this pic to my boys and we all got a big belly laugh. Hail said, "That doggie is gettin' a piggy back wide." And Thunder said, "Nooooo! He's gettin' a buffalo back ride!!" They're still laughing about it.....