Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach Pics




Look at my little guy's face!!!
And yes, that would be the White Trash bathing suit. Why bother with the bottoms? They just get all gritty and sandy and gross! What's wrong with the rash guard and a swim diaper? When I take him to swim lessons, he wears bottoms. Usually. Sometimes. Well, he did for the first lesson.

Now here's something I found a little strange. I've described the beach, right, how you just drive up and park, and then three feet later you're in the sand, then nine feet into the sand and you hit water? Well, right before the three feet of sand, back where you park, is a wall of trees. Obviously, not an entire wall, because you can both park in them, and walk through them, but still, you get the idea. I'm talking a lot of trees. Which means, you can put your chairs in the shade, your feet in the sand, and still be three strides from your kids in the water. It's PERFECT.

So, why are these people setting up this tent thing? I was fascinated. It took them forever, it seemed like a lot of work. What were they trying to accomplish? THEY WERE ALREADY IN THE SHADE!!! And it's not like their tent has netted sides to keep the bugs out or anything...I just don't get it. I mean, I guess it's none of my business (duh) but come on! They're setting up a shade tent on a SHADED beach!!!

But back to the good stuff. I stayed zoomed out for this shot so you can see how amazing the beach really is. And look mom- no oil! You should visit!

Ava stood up on her boogie board a few times, but she would fall right away, so she (very seriously, all business) asked me not to take any pictures of her standing because she doesn't want people to know she falls. How frickin cute is that?!?!

And I'll leave you with a little eye candy.

Sorry ladies. He's taken.

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