Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Morning Ever

You ever have one of those morning where everything just seems to go right? Me neither! Right? Until today. It's VERY strange. Most of it has to do with the fact that while I was at the movies last night, Nick cleaned the whole house. No matter how much time I spend cleaning the house (and seriously, we're talking all day every day here) it never looks as good as when he does it. And it obviously only takes him a little while to do it. Shrug. But anyway, point being, I had NOTHING to do this morning except laundry. And with my machines, that's barely a chore. The dishwasher was empty, the living room was spotless, the counters were clear...very strange. And so nice.

The boys got up at five fifteen this morning (!!!!) so Warren was down for his nap by seven. The big kids just played together nicely while I read my book. BTW, this book is AMAZING!!! Book one (Dragon Tattoo) was good-not-great. Book two (Played With Fire) was really really good. Book three (this one, Hornet's Nest) is so good! You know how like people always talk about being on the edge of your seat? Well, I'm literally on the edge of my seat! Like, for real! AND, since it's an ebook, I can't even skip to the end, so I have NO IDEA how it's going to wrap up! So fun.

Back to the big kids though. I do NOT understand how sometimes, they're at each other's throat. I mean, they throw punches. For realsies. They fight, they hit, they bit, they throw things, they tell each other that they're not friends and that the other one is NOT INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY (apparently, this is quite a big deal.) And then, other times, they're best friends, and they just play together for an hour or two, without saying a word to me about anything at all. It's very, very strange. And, since I've decided to let them duke it out until it's absolutely necessary for me to intervene (for instance, someone is being deprived of air) it's a roller coaster for my psyche too. Right now, I'd say it's about sixty/forty, with fighting being the winner. But maybe we'll make it down to fifty/fifty one day. A mama can dream, right?

Here they are, pretending to play rock band. They're using lincoln logs for drumsticks. Which brings me to a weird observance about my poor kiddos. We have this TV in our playroom-our landlord lent it to us when we first moved in and had a bunch of loaner furniture from the Navy. Apparently, they think that televisions are not essential, and do not loan them out. They obviously have never needed to shower while making sure that three toddlers don't burn the house down. Anyway, our landlord functions on Island Time and has never picked her tv set back up. So it's in a corner, facing the wall. And my kids will drag their Dora couch over to it, wrap up in blankets with all their stuffed animals and baby dolls, and pretend that they're watching tv. Staring at the BACK of an unplugged tv. Huh? KIDS ARE SO STUPID!!!

And here they are building something. Or, I should say, Scott is building something while Ava talks nonstop at him. I don't think he's listening.

Notice the pencil behind his ear? That's what Handy Manny does. When Scott has a pencil behind his ear, he is to be referred to as Mr. Fix-It. He will also answer to just Fix-It, as in "Hey, Fix It, what are you doing?"

Notice also the Nemo in his hand. That thing never leaves his hand. Some kids have a blankie, some kids have a teddy bear, my kid has a...fish.

So eventually, I turned on Matt Lauer, and I finally took this picture. I think about it every day. You know how Al gives the nationwide forecast, and then he says "Now, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods"? Well, when the local station takes over and puts up their weather thingy, it's the same every day. All they do is change the days on the bottom. At first, I thought it was a coincidence. But now I'm starting to think it's some sort of inside joke. I mean, every singe day, they put the same poster on the screen? Isn't that a little tongue in cheek? Shrug. Puts a smile on my face either way. The main reason I think it's some sort of inside joke? It's Tuesday here. The first day on the little poster below is Saturday. Huh?

All right. We'll see if my extreme good fortune lasts through swim class. My prediction? Not so much. Scott will undoubtedly be exhausted, considering he woke up at five fifteen, and Ava will irritate him until he lashes out at me, and then they'll both get spankings and we'll go home. Any takers?

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  1. I love your candidness! And do I understand the difference a clean house makes in the morning! Especially a clean house that you didn't have to clean yourself. I feel the same way when Bert cleans. Hope the rest of the day was a good as the beginning.