Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I was noticing how lots of other bloggers blog about their gardens, so I figured what the heck, I'm a follower, I'll do it too. As much as I'd like to take all the credit-I've always wanted to be a gardener, I even read Better Homes and Gardens, hello!- Nick actually does all the work. I do water it. Every once in a while. But let me just tell you, green beans here? They cost almost three bucks a pound. In Groton, in the DEAD OF WINTER, they were a buck twenty nine, and went on sale every other day for ninety eight cents. So we needed to find a way around THAT crazy business, so I said "Hey baby, let's plant a garden, grow some beans" And he took off running. He built this little garden below, assuming (as did I) that we were entering the rainy season and all would be well.


I don't know if people are lying to us about this whole alleged "rainy season" or what, but it has seriously rained a GRAND TOTAL of about twenty six minutes. Since we got here. Three months ago. So the lawn is pretty much dead, all those precious beans are withering away, and the pathetic herbs in those pots never even stood a fighting chance...

No problem with the mangoes though. Mangoes, apparently, do not need rain. They'll just fall on Ava's head for the rest of our lives.

The tomato plants also don't seem to mind the drought. Do you have any idea how ironic it is that for the past eight years that I've been married and futilely attempting to 'make a home' I have been growing BILLIONS of tomatoes? Literally, billions. I DON'T EAT TOMATOES!!! That's just not fair.

This is the start of my herb garden. Sigh. Who needs that much basil? I have no idea. What I need is cilantro, which is one of those empty pots in the garden garden, and thyme, which is...

...down here. And obviously not looking so great.

We don't know what to expect from this. The little packet said "salad lettuce" when we bought it. Supposed to be a bunch of different kinds. I, for one, expected HEADS of lettuce, not just a bunch of leaves. But who knows, maybe they taste good. Gotta be better than spending six dollars for a bag of Fresh Express that just rots in the produce drawer, right?

Now, if this guy down here doesn't make your mouth water, you're not invited to my birthday. And trust me ya'll, that is an INSULT. It's like the mack daddy of telling people off. For instance, Ava will scream across the house "I HATE YOU!!! YOU'RE NOT INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!" It's serious.

But back to this. It's going to be (one day, hopefully, fingers crossed) a bell pepper. Red or green, it'll be a surprise. I love them both dearly, but I'm secretly hoping for red. I love them just a teeny tiny bit more. Don't tell green.

This is the back of the house. Wouldn't that look good with some sort of flowering shrub? I grew up in Mississippi, so I'm partial to an azalea bush...but I don't know if those will grow here. I don't actually know a single thing about gardening at all, despite months and months of buying my trusty Better Homes and Gardens.

Wanna know what I DO know a little something about? Taking pictures of little hineys. I could do it all day long. Look at that thing! Don't you wanna just go pinch it?

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  1. Oh. My. Word. I love a cute baby butt pic! And I'm impressed with your garden! I can't keep anything alive.

    And by the way, I've been thinking about your post below and how your ipod was stolen and no one feels sorry for you because you don't lock your doors..... So, just because your doors weren't locked that makes it okay to just take something that doesn't belong to you??? I NEVER lock mine either, and someone broke into both of our cars in our driveway one night and I'm sure that was the most disappointed thief ever because he was probably all, "Ewww, it smells like a nasty sippy cup in here. Crap, even if there's a million dollars under all this mess, I'll never have time to get to it. Too much junk and stale french fries to look around. Sheesh. What a waste." Anyways.... getting carried away as I always do with comments on your blog, but my point is, locked or not it doesn't make it okay to just open a car door and take stuff. And even though nothing was actually stolen from my own car (at least, nothing we noticed... it is REALLY messy) I felt gross for days just knowing some stranger had their grimy hands on my stuff! So, I DO feel sorry for you, locked doors or not!