Sunday, June 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Normally, when I don't post Menu Plan Mondays, I still actually DO menu plan, and cook, and scrape food into the trash when my kids don't eat. But these last few weeks, I've felt like crap and Nick's been working late (or out to sea) so we've been eating a lot of cereal. For realsies. They fortify that stuff with extra vitamins, right?

BUT, I can't keep up with with feeling like crap excuse, or the Nick is gone excuse, because let's face it, he's gonna be gone for most of the next three years. Have I mentioned how much his boat sucks? Ohhh, USS Scranton, we miss you so.

Anyway. We'll see. I've left a lot of free days for leftovers (read:cereal) and the like.

Monday: PW's chicken pot pie. Nick was getting on my about only using PW, so now that he's gone, I'm back into All PW, All the Time. So there.

Tuesday: leftovers. And it won't be cereal, we'll finish off that pot pie, you mark my words.

Wednesday: slow cooker beef tacos. We usually go to the park on Wednesdays after school and don't come home until as late as possible, so I can't cook. Darn.

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: pork roast with PW's creamy rosemary potatoes. Assuming, of course, that I can figure out how to use that mandoline thingie. Thingy? Not sure.

Saturday: breakfast. Probably waffles, maybe dippie eggs. They're just not good when Grandma Terri doesn't make them :(

Sunday: simple, perfect enchiladas. We've had this before. It's beef, not chicken, so I'm not betraying my beloved Sam the Cooking Guy. Warren ate the filling by the bowful last time. Fingers crossed for a repeat.

So. Think I'll spend the week cooking, or running out to buy more milk for cereal? Alas, only time will tell. For more great ideas, head this way.


  1. Why is cereal all day long a bad thing?? I mean, Fruit Loops has FIBER now. And they advertise it. I guess to hide the healthy flavor, they added marshmellows. Why in the world they thought Fruit Loops needed MORE sugar.... Seriously, my kids choose to eat cereal when I do cook, so why bother? Can't beat 'em, join 'em.

  2. PS. Your kids' cousins snuck (snuck makes sense in my head to say, but it looks weird typed- snook, maybe? Oh, well.) a whole box of lil' debbie fudge rounds into the living room while I was cooking tonight. And ate them ALL. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.