Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Picture Update

Warren wants to be a photographer too! Maybe that's how I can finally get in some shots...

He has mastered the art of stealing things from Scott and pretending they're trains...

Getting him hooked on diet Coke early in life...this one's for YOU Aunt Lynn! Look at all that artificial sweetener he's chugging!

We spend a lot of time stealing toothbrushes and climbing. He'll climbing ANYTHING. I walk in a room and see him perched high on various pieces of furniture...ugh. Never had this problem with the other two.

Ava thought he might like to color with her one day. Not so much.
At the park one day with Jen and her good shots of anything else. The sun is weird there.

Yes, Ava dressed up to go to the park. You'd think she'd be hot in those boots...
Anyway. We went to the beach ALL WEEKEND, and I took (literally) two hundred and fifteen shots of a sunset on Monday night, so I'm going through all that, and I'll post them soon. You know, in case you were waiting with baited breath for some more scenery shots of Guam. C'mon, you know you are!!!

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