Monday, June 28, 2010


Lemme just rant about something right quick. Ya'll know Scott is a little retarded, and he's got this stuffed Nemo. WELL, we got that stupid thing online, at a disney store close-out outlet. So you can't go to a regular website and get one. In fact, you can't go anywhere and get one. But Scott's is getting a little ratty, and just in case he loses it, we want a back up. We don't have a back up for Baby Nathan, and it scares me every time she takes it out of the house.

So, I found it on ebay. For 0.99 cents. And I "sent the seller a question" just to make sure he'd ship it to me, even though his listing specifically said that he would do international. Well, he never got back to me, so when the auction was just about to end, I went in and bid on it. I got this message: transaction blocked. Unfortunately, this seller has decided that you are not permitted to bid on their listings. You may contact the seller via the Ask Seller Questions feature if you want additional details.

So I contacted him, explained why I needed the fish, and asked him to unblock me so I could buy it. No response. The auction ended, and no one bought it. Because it's a stuffed Nemo, and no one else on the planet wants it. So he relisted it, and I tried again. Same story. I contacted him again, no response. Auction ended. He relisted, I'm still blocked. I contacted him, offered him twenty bucks plus shipping, told him I wasn't some crazy scam artist trying to steal his stupid Nemo. He finally responded. Wanna know what this a-hole said? He said "Hello, If you are blocked from bidding there is a reason for it. Thank You."

What the hell is wrong with this guy? What, I'm not good enough to buy his stuffed animal??? He's got it listed for a DOLLAR!!! And no one is interested!!! And I offered him TWENTY!!!

I don't get it! And of course, it's making me absolutely FURIOUS!!! Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY? It's Nick's ebay account, he's got a perfect track record, no complaints. This guy is ruining my day!!!


  1. Lol!! I had to quit using eBay over stupid people like that!!

  2. Sad! I'll be on the lookout for one around here. I hate e-bay for that reason! Boo to him. Don't worry, karma always finds people like that. His 2 year old will be SCREAMING some day for a passy, or something like that on a plane trip that lasts 7+ hours, and the people sitting next to him will have 2 of the exact brand that his baby wants, but they will laugh when he asks if he can have it. Some thing like that WILL happen to him. It always does!