Monday, June 7, 2010


Ever read Dreamcatcher? That's what that's from. Same stuff (although SK doesn't use the word 'stuff') different day. I haven't blogged much lately because there's just not much going on. The monotony of my days is mind numbing. Remember in CT when I had a huge breakthrough with my TV addiction and I cut back so so much? I've had a serious relapse since moving out here. There's just nothing else to do! Or, rather, there's plenty else to do, but I wanna watch TV instead.

I read this girl-that-I-went-to-nursing-school-with's blog and it depresses me to no end. She decided to do her babies back to back, like I did with Ava and Scott, so that they'd be seventeen months apart. Only difference is she got twins the second time around. So she's got three babies under the age of two. And she like drives all around town doing fun things, does these elaborate art projects with the older girl, makes homemade cookies from scratch, sews matching dresses for the girl, makes homemade peach ice cream with fresh produce that she gets from her local farmer's market, and they went camping one weekend! With three babies!!! Ugh. And she never mentions it, but I'm sure she takes a shower every morning and does her hair and makeup and gets dressed. And I doubt she leaves her high chair trays (all three of them!) on the counter with lunch caking itself into a rock hard mess. And she seriously probably never screams at her kids to JUST CLEAN THE FRICKING PLAYROOM!!!!!!!!

So a lot of the time, reading her blog, I'm really inspired and envious. Not today. Today I'm just jealous and grouchy. It's this heat. I hope. I hope that's what's got me in a foul mood.

Oh yeah, I remember why I'm in a foul mood! Remember ten years ago, when they invented the iPod and everyone who was anyone got one? Well, I got mine last month, and I instantly fell in love with it. Definitely see what all the hype was about. So I put ALL my music in that sucker, and threw out all my CDs and Nick hooked it up to work in the car. The radio stations here are REALLY bad. Like, REALLY REALLY bad. So everything was perfect. Until last Wednesday, when someone stole it, right out of my car!!! Can you believe that? And the worst part? No one even feels sorry for me, because I never lock my van doors. I seriously cried. At first, I thought Nick had taken it, to like scare me into locking my doors. He swears he doesn't have it.

So, I had to order it on amazon (I want the cheaper one without the video camera and all that, so I have to find it used, because apparently the marketing people at iPod are pretty savvy with that sort of thing and no longer sell older models that do the same thing for less money) and they won't ship electronics out here. Ugh. So Aunt Michelle, if you're reading this, I sent an iPod and three Max and Ruby CDs to your house.

And now my baby just walked down the hallway with a pink razor in his mouth. Ouch. Bet that girl with infant twins and a not-even-two-year-old would never have let THAT happen.


  1. But if it makes you feel any better, MY baby walks around with my razor in her mouth all the time...I'm not worried b/c I haven't bought razors in like two years so that one's so dull it wouldn't cut butter.

    And "that girl" didn't understand how health insurance worked in nursing school. For realz.

    And "those girls" who are like that, don't have the balls to blog about it when everything isn't perfect. And let's face it, if you have three kids and at least two in diapers, every day isn't a homemade peach ice cream kind of day. SOME days are just suck on an old razor blade kind of days.

    Moving around with kids makes things even harder, b/c it's so hard to make friends you can really lean on AND that girl, just moved closer to her family and friends.

    I feel you, Boo. You are a great mom. I'm praying for God to send you a mommy you can really hang with, someone who is WORTHY of being your friend!!

    If you need to feel better about your parenting skills, read my blog or!

  2. Okay, I just laughed out loud at all Robin said. And I honestly was going to say exactly what she said about not having the balls to blog about it when things aren't so perfect. That's one thing that drives me nuts about these artsy-crafty "everything smells like roses here" kinda blogs. They leave so many of us feeling inadequate when really, they have the exact same feeling as us slacker moms who let our children dig in the trash (that another kid just peed in) and chew on razors. I say throw all your razors out and quit shaving all together. Wait, no I don't cause I'm not THAT much of a feminist. More of a closet feminist.
    I'm still praying for that perfect best friend to come up and say, "Hey, I just wanted to apologize for all the sand my kid just dumped on yours." Hang in there.