Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunset Pictures

Fair warning-there are a LOT. Mom, I want you to make sure that dad gets back to see these, and then he needs to email me or call me and tell me what he thinks.

Okay, I've been wanting to go watch a sunset since we got here. Only problem: it coincides with bathtime. We go to bed pretty early at Casa de Engelbrecht. But we finally did it, and man was it worth it! We just drove down our mountain and parked across the street. Being completely and totally surrounded by water sure has its advantages, right?

I'm sort of becoming addicted to the whole 'hard light' button on photoshop. I think it just adds a really nice touch, you know? Sometimes, it makes shots look a little fake. But for the most part, I like the effect. In the two pics below, the top is SOOC and the bottom is altered.

Here's two of my favorite guys. I hit the burst button and got twenty nine shots of this same shot. What is wrong with me?!?!

All right, now that I'm actually posting these, it's way too many. But it's too hard to decide which ones to delete!!! I'm sorry!

This cuteness was happening behind me this whole time...

Here's another one where I couldn't decide if the hard light version was better than the SOOC one. The first one is SOOC, and I like all the blues in the water and the sky...And this one below is altered, and obviously, I love the oranges better in this one. Now, if I knew anything at all about photoshop, I could mix the two elements together, the blues of the original and the oranges of the alteration. But alas. I can barely manage to check my email. Computer skills have evaded me my whole life.

Now, this picture below has my vote as Best Shot of the Day. I just love him, sticking his little gut out. Nothing to me is cuter than a toddler and a pot-belly. Nothing.

Except maybe a preschooler tucking her hair behind her ear...

Or a post-toddler, pre-preschooler walking along the beach with a sticker that's taller than he is....

Now, as evidence of my lack of knowledge concerning lighting and iso and white balance and all that is that, I posted these pics in the order that I took them. I started at around 6:37, and ended up at 6:58. But some of the pics on top (earlier) are really really dark, and then this one, (way later) is like it's broad daylight! Isn't that annoying?

If you look closely, you can see nemo's tail fin sticking out. You didn't think he stayed at home while we left, did you?

Stupid boppy. Wouldn't this be an awesome picture?

And here we are, walking back to the car. With Nemo. Sigh.
You made it!! Phew. Which shot did you think was the best?

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  1. Those are AWESOME! I love the "Bear Naked" shirt. That's too cute. And I have no idea which is my fav, because they are all so great! I loved the one of your husband holding one of the kids (Warren, maybe?) because along with the sun, the sweetness of a Daddy and his kiddo is mixed in. They were all so good though.