Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I've Been Doing Lately (At the Expense of EVERYTHING ELSE)

If you're wondering where I've been lately, I'll just tell you- I've been reading the Most. Amazing. Book. Ever.

I know, I know, I say that a lot. Like, about every book I read. But seriously this time, it's AWESOME!

How awesome, you wonder? Well, it's eight hundred and twenty eight pages. I downloaded it last Friday morning, and literally have not put it down since. I'm on page six fifty nine, and it's getting to the point (this is going to sound SO STUPID) where I'm hiding it because I don't want to finish it because then it'll be over. Now, I'm a reader, I love reading, and I think I read at a pretty good speed. But a hundred pages a day is a lot, even for me, so that's the proof I'm offering to you that this book is GOOD stuff.

What's it about? Hard to say. Ya'll know that the best part of my week is when I get my EW, and I'm always on the lookout for an interesting book, especially now that I have my ereader and I can get books for ten bucks and not have to worry about where I can fit them into my bulging bookshelves. So I read this review a few weeks ago, and low and behold, they're talking about how Stephen King himself was doing publicity for THIS BOOK. Now, a lot of times, he puts out these lists of Must Reads that are all weird and scary and sort of indie books, if that's a real thing. You know, like indie movies? But books.

But THIS book, this book seemed right up my alley. The review said it was about the military engineering some sort of virus (hello, The Stand) and the apocalypse happens, and then you flash forward a hundred years to see what happens next. That's totally my favorite type of story!!!

Remember when The Postman came out, with Kevin Costner? And everyone hated it and laughed at it, and no one liked it and everyone thought it was so stupid? WEEEELLLL, I for one, have always loved that movie. I love post apocalypse movies, all of them. I own that movie, and I probably watch it four or five times a year. It's a great story! And hello, Ford Lincoln Mercury? That's some funny sh**, I don't care who you are.

So anyway, this book, The Passage. The virus was some sort of Very Slow Aging thing (sounds even stupider typing it out, trust me) and they use death row inmates to test it on (because you know, those are usually pretty trustworthy guys) and when the crapola hits the fan, they seem genuinely surprised. So it's The Stand, plus a lot of I Am Legend (which I also loved), with a little bit of 28 Days Later (not AS scary, but it's been a little hard to turn it off and fall asleep) but also something completely unique and beautiful. The characters are AT LEAST as good as the best of ANY Stehpen King ensemble cast, the action is nail biting, and, best of all?

It's on my ereader. So I can't flip to the end!!! I LITERALLY have no idea how it's going to end. This is so much fun! OHHH, how I wished I hadn't read the ends of all those other books. My greatest regret in life.

Anyway. Nick's gone for a month, give or take a few weeks, my house is in shambles, I burnt my dining room table and cried for hours, my kids hate me because all I ever do is yell at them, but I don't even care, because at least I'm not huddling under a spotlight, praying it doesn't go out so that the vampire-virals can't get me. So, it could be worse.

Read. This. Book. Now.

So, in summary: READ THIS BOOK! I can guarantee that it's going to get picked up for a movie. It won't be a good adaptation, because it's too long, and so so so character driven, but it's gonna happen. You just remember where you heard about it first.

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  1. Sounds interesting.

    And I'm listening, as I type, to the sounds of my two year old screaming to the others "Well, you not in-bited to my birf-day party!"

    Were we separated at birth?? Are we related somehow, making our children cousins??