Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Guess who's daddy came home for a surprise three day visit? Wait, before you guess that, guess who's big kids are playing in the playroom, quietly, together, peacefully, and have been for over an hour? And they're not even coloring the walls or sneaking a box of lucky charms, they're just building a tower of legos?!?!?! I know, right, those can't be Engelbrechts in there, no way, jose. Remember that? Angela said that to me the other day, and it put a smile on my tired face. No way, jose.
Anyway. Did you guess? It was OUR daddy who came home. I went to the movies on Thursday, leaving the kids at school an extra two hours, and leaving Dub at the CDC for almost SIX HOURS, and while I felt guilty about leaving him (he was a hot mess when I left) I didn't feel THAT guilt. And I had a blast at the show. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I went to the movies, and on the ride home, I got a call, saying the guys would be home the next day. Now, this phone call is all official, we have a "phone tree" and all kinds of secretive stuff, because when they pull in has to be kept quiet because we don't want any crazies heading down the the pier with a backpack full of C4 or anything, but my 'official phone tree caller' happens to be my friend Laura, so I assumed she was just kidding. But, eventually, she convinced me she wasn't. Okay, she didn't convince me. But the girl I was with called her phone tree contact, and got the same message, so I finally became a believer.

What am I talking about? How do I keep getting so sidetracked? I'm waiting for my pics to upload, so I'm just going on and on and on! Sheesh.

So, Nick came home for the weekend. I took an amazing two hour nap on Saturday, we went out to eat Mexican food, we went shopping on base (not as fun as it sounds, trust me) and ate out again for dinner, and the kids never said one single word to me all weekend. In other words, it was HEAVEN.

We went to the base 4th of July shindig (hence the cute pics I'm STILL waiting for) and that was pretty fun, in a cheesey, little kid sort of way, until Scott got lost. In four and a half years of parenting, I've never lost a kid before. And it was just as terrifying as you'd think, maybe even a little more so because we were SURROUNDED on three sides by water. But there were tons of people on the beaches, and I (probably incorrectly, but I refuse to consider that now) assumed that if he'd fallen in, someone would have done me a solid and fished him out. Nick finally found him, a hundred yards from where he'd started, wandering around. When Nick picked him up, he said "Hey daddy, I was looking for you!" He wasn't scared, or scarred, or anything. I've always told them, if they EVER get lost, to find another woman, a lady who looks like she might be a mommy, not a man who looks like a daddy, and tell her that they're lost and need help. BUT, he didn't know he was lost. So that wasn't very helpful. Poor guy.
And now Nick's back under water and we're back to real life. School is closed for the holiday, the fridge is completely empty, and nap time feels like it may never come. But we'll get through it, just like we alwys do. Right?


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