Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Girl Engelbrecht

Well there she is. Yes, she. I know it's a girl, so don't even bother trying to rain on my parade. You can't bring me down. SO...what are the odds that the WORST ob ever (not bc she's a bad doc or anything, just bc she has ZERO personality, and she's just sort of icky) would come out here? I mean, let's round down and say there were about thirty docs I worked with on the labor deck at Portsmouth. So what are the odds that this particular doc would come to Guam? And what are the odds that I would go out of my way to make my appt with the COOLEST doc ever, who also came out here from Portsmouth? And then that said COOLEST doc ever would be MIA and I'd have to see Dr. No Personality instead? And OF COURSE, it had to be THIS particular appt, where she had to violate me in every way imaginable, to get this picture? And THEN, she tore off the GOOD pics and stuck them in my chart and handed me the crappy shot you see above? That's because she knows I don't like her. She was all professional and fine and dandy, but still. She had to know I was one of the (many many MANY) nurses who groaned every time we came in and saw her name on the board.
Anyway. That's my baby. I still can't believe I'm pregnant. I keep forgetting, and then I'll be like "ooohh, that's right, I'm pregnant! HOORAY!!!" So that's sort of fun. Like finding out every few days, and finding out is pretty exciting, right?
Well, Nick is home, hopefully for a little over a month. He ran off the boat yesterday and had time to make it to my appt with me. As long as the ultrasound tech is cooperative with the schedule, he should also be able to go to my twenty week scan too, that way he can finally believe me when I tell him it's a girl. I'm not holding my breath though. The guy is supposed to call me to schedule it, and thus far, in my Guam experiences, that sort of thing rarely happens unless you stay on top of it. They really do do things differently out here...
Anyway. Not much to say. This last week was hell, the kids are even more out of control than usual, and if Nick hadn't come home on time, I probably would have had to drop them off with someone and drowned myself in the ocean. So good thing he made it.
I did, however, take a quick (and holy cow, EXPENSIVE) break on Saturday to go see Inception. I, obviously, loved it. Just my kind of thing. Not the hugest (is that a word?) Ellen Page fan, and she super sucked in this, but other than that it was EXQUISITE. Did she really just say exquisite? Yes, I did, because that's the best way to describe this movie. It really was. Tommy from Third Rock was perfect, as he always is, and this other guy who I don't know, he played Eames? He was really really good too. And Leo...what can I say. I was one of the millions in junior high with his picture from Teen Beat taped up in my locker, face covered with lipstick kisses. I just loved him, and I still do. How has he NOT won an Oscar yet? Oh yeah, because the Oscars suck. Sorry Grandma June, they're just not any good anymore.
Anyway. Hopefully now that Nick's home I can post more. Because I know you (four) are dying for some updates.


  1. Ah, I love you. And I'm slightly jealous that you are preggo...then really glad I'm not...then slightly jealous again.

  2. I think I see a tee-hiney in that pic! (That's the scientific term for female parts, but only the really smart scientists know it!) Hope you can relax and get some good sleep while Nick is home. See if you can put pressure on the ultrasound guy. All of my ultrasounds were done at 16 weeks and could see everything!

  3. I'm with're making me want another one...STOP IT! I'll make a deal with ya...if I have another one and it's a girl and you have a boy...we'll trade. Congrats girl!