Friday, July 16, 2010

Now I'm SUPER Famous!

You can say "I knew her when..."

So anyone who reads blogs knows how easy it is to lose three or four hours of your life. You go to the blog you're reading, you read a few posts, then you notice on the right hand side of her page that she's got a bunch of link to other blogs. So you follow one that seems interesting, read a few posts there, then follow a link on her page that takes you to ANOTHER one. And on and on and on. I don't know how I stumbled across Holly, but I remember when. I was a "work," after I'd started at the AIC. I had a fantastic HN who always took the initiative (in other words, did my job for me) and I had just set up a four hour infusion, with no one else in any of my chairs. In other words, I had a LOT of time on my hands, time I had to spend in the room since I had chemo flowing, but not necessarily paying attention. But don't tell my boss I said that.

So I read a few of her current posts, then I went back to when she started her blog and read them all, in order. She had FOUR kids. At the time, I only had two, so this was muy impressive. She stayed at home with them. She didn't send them to preschool. She didn't seem to be ridiculously wealthy (I refuse to read the blog's of rich people, I don't know why). She was FUNNY, and HONEST, and didn't talk about things like how clean her house was, or making homemade peach ice cream. In other words, she had the perfect blog!

I stalked her from afar for (literally) years, before finally leaving a comment. And she commented back, and then I commented back, and now we're friends, even though we've never actually met. Isn't that crazy? I sometimes write posts just because I want to hear what she'll say about it. She's got five now (no thankyou) and she's still just as overwhelmed and down to earth as ever. She also started another blog, this one less personal, more professional. And...asked me to write a post for it!!! Isn't that INSANE?!?!?!

Although terrified, I did it. I mean, it's not even the real world, so what's to be scared of, right? And if you wanna check it out, here ya go. Check out the professional website, because it's good, full of helpful hints and things like that, but to REALLY get to know Holly, you HAVE to check out her blog. It's just great. It'll make you wish YOU could be her online bestie too. But too bad, that position's already been filled :) Holly, when Nick and I retire and live on Lake Martin, you better watch out. Because we're coming over for dinner. A lot.

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  1. I'm seriously blushing!!! And we would LOVE to have y'all over for dinner... Just let me know what takeout is your favorite. I'll dust off the china. I mean, the Chinet.

    About the not being rich part though.... You mean hand-me-down furniture and the crap we've had since college isn't viewed as "shabby chic"?? I'm going to fire our interior designer!! She promised me our home decor was totally Southern Living worthy! You know we're filthy rich! We just live off ramen noodles and hotdogs for the fun of it.

    Great, Hail is running around with scissors. Guess I should go be a parent and get off the computer.