Saturday, July 17, 2010

Proof That I Do More Than Cry in my Shower and Bite My Babies...

Haven't been taking my camera everywhere with me lately, because I'm still bummed that I haven't learned how to use it yet. I mean, it's been over a year since I got it. And I'm still in auto mode. I took it out and tried to put it on full manual, so that I could adjust the aperture AND the shutter speed, but I have not idea how to actually DO the adjusting. Like, aside from knowing HOW to set everything, like what numbers, I actually couldn't figure out how to actually SPIN the dial down for aperture. Alls I got was shutter speed. So that was frustrating. And by the time I got home, no way was I going to try to find the manual and look it up. Although I probably should. Knowing how to use the buttons on the camera is probably a good first step to learning how to take a great picture, right?

So these shots are from yesterday, outside in the backyard. And both boys got sunburned! I feel AWFUL!!! I never think about sunscreen in the yard, because 90% of our yard is covered by a carport. And they ALWAYS set up the pool under it. Yesterday though, even though I was right there the whole time (reading the rest of my book, I finally finished Mom!) they inched the pool out a little at a time until they were in the sun, and I didn't really realize. They were still under the carport, the sun like slanted in or something. I dunno.

Here's Warren, pushing Scott around on the car. Whatever. Boys are so weird.

When the pool isn't enough, you gotta put the sprinkler right there, so you get two for one.

Putting 'gas' in the jeep. Here's hoping they never get that hose near the gas cap in my van...

And it just wouldn't be the Engelbrechts if I didn't have a hiney picture. And yes, in case you're wondering, he DOES having a bathing suit. But why have to deal with having THREE wet suits to pick up after they throw them on the bathroom floor when I can just do two? And come ON, how cute is he?

These beach pics are actually from two different trips, but they're all wearing the same clothes, so I guess it doesn't matter, right?
"Wherever I was going...I was RUNNING!" C'mon Dad, name that movie.

Someone at school took pity on Ava and did her hair the other day. I've always wanted to learn how to french braid, and now that I've seen her like this, I really HAVE to figure it out. Anyone willing to teach me?

Here is Ava with sweet Will, her boyfriend from school. Will's daddy is technically our daddy's boss, but they don't seem to care about any of that business.

And this is Will's little bro, Chris. Look at that hair! That was my plan for my boys. You see how that one worked out.

This is Ellyssa, draggin Ava in a boat. Why is she pulling Ava? Is Ava some sort of prima donna who can't just get out and swim? What a weirdo. Guess girls are weird too. Ellyssa's daddy works with Nick too, and her mama is one of the people who kept me from throwing myself off a cliff when I first moved here.

Guess he's on a boat too.

Not as cute as a bare hiney, but a hiney covered in sand is pretty cute too, right?

So there you go. We do leave the house, occasionally. In fact, I'm homebound now less than I have been in four and a half years, since Warren is finally starting to give up his morning nap. Just when I finally get a taste of freedom...I'll be homebound for REAL by February. Sigh.

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  1. i am your newest follower... read your post on the momtage. loved it!! i know holly from her younger sister's and i LOVE her blog! and apparently, i now love yours too! your kids are precious, and your style of writing is hilarious! and i love the bare hiney pic- classic :)