Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursdays Random Thoughts

Up first: The Navy. And how it sucks. Yes, I'm sure that if Nick had a different job, I'd find a reason to complain about that too. Suddenly, going to live in Stuart and work for his dad is looking more and more like a better idea. Why'd we say no to that again? Who can remember. But the Navy....ah, the Navy. The boat's been gone for like a month. And they were supposed to come home on Tuesday, for at least a month. And then it got bumped to Wednesday. And THEN it got bumped to a two hour visit to the pier and then back out, either for a week or six. Who knows. Not them, and not me. Good thing he got me my three stone ring last year on our anniversary, because that may very well end up being the only one we EVER spend together. At least until we hit our seventeenth, in which case we will be out of the Navy for good and hopefully we can dump all the kids somewhere and go somewhere fun. Come on lucky seventeen!!!

Second. Are movies ridiculously long nowadays? Back in the day, when I was little and had to hike up hill both ways in the snow with no shoes to get to school every day, movies were normal. Ninety minutes, with the epics lasting a good two hours, but still manageable, and usually worth it. Every single time I race to the mailbox for my surprise Netflix envelope (you never know when the mailman will come to work out here, and I have seven thousand movies in my que {is that what's it's called? that doesn't look right} so I never know what I'm going to get, so it's such a fun surprise-do I really sound like that much of a loser?) the movies are always two and a half or three hours long. Seriously. Who was two and a half hours to watch a movie? It takes me three days. I get an hour at naps, then I can usually make it about another hour after the kids go to bed, then I have to spend the next day rewatching most of it because I forget what's happened, and then I can finish it off the third day at naptime. That's a LOT of work for entertainment. And I LOVE movies! So this seriously disturbs me. Am I just renting the wrong movies? Are there good short movies out there? The last short movie I got was Jumper and it really really really sucked. So...there's that. I have Inglorious Bastards (I refuse to misspell something on PURPOSE people!) and I'm so intimidated by it, I haven't even tried to watch it. It's like two hours forty minutes. Groan.

I got a flat tire yesterday. Through no fault of my own. It just went flat, all by itself. I certainly did hit a curb while speeding through the gate. It just went flat! And, even though my father taught me how to change a tire, and I actually changed one once in college, I totally panicked and called Laura and made her do it. Even though she cut her thumb off last weekend and she was grimacing in pain and dripping blood from her hand while she did it. So my rant here is this: it happened at the gate, and I pulled to a stop ten feet past the gate. Which is guarded by fifteen Navy guys standing around in the gatehouse not checking IDs while a line backs up past the traffic light. And no one came to help me, while I turned on my hazards and tore my van apart trying to get to the spare tire. (They're not in the trunk like on TV, it's under the front seats. Huh??? How is THAT convenient?) No one came to help when Laura showed up, parked even closer to the gate, and turned on her hazards while she literally sweat blood to change that friggin tire. NOOO, they show up when she's HALFWAY DONE, because someone ELSE called them and asked why there was a van dumping trash right outside the gate. WHAT THE HELL!?!? Call me old fashioned, but one of the perks of being in the military community is that people go out of their way to LEND A HELPING HAND. You know? Those **ckers should have come right out and changed that damn tire.

And, when they finally showed up, when Laura was halfway done? They stood there talking to each other while she finished up, and drove away before we had a chance to unjack the car. Go Navy.

Friday Night Lights finally got nominated for some Emmy's!!! I heart me some Kyle Chandler ya'll. Talk about the best show that no one watches. I love that show. And, although I tried to resist, and I denied it even after I realized it had happened, I love me some Dirty Tim Riggins. Mmmm.

I drank five bottles of Blue Gatorade yesterday. Strangest thing. Four pregnancies, four identical, insatiable cravings for Blue Gatorade. Yes, I know it's called something besides Blue, but I don't really care. I grab the Blue bottle (doesn't matter if it's light or dark, although, given the choice, I prefer the dark) and down it in two goes. And I don't drink it any other time. Hello, it's the same calories as a real Coke, and I'd MUCH rather have that. But being pregnant, I dunno. I could drink it by the gallon.

And I happen to LOVE Gatorade commercials. I mean, they are the BEST. Sometimes, I even get a little choked up. Angela, remember when we were at Fernwood and the Gatorade commercial was the Love Hurts one where that girl is doing a backwards cartwheel on a balance beam and she falls off and sort of lands on her face, on the beam? Ouch. Loved that one. And out here, now they have this new one where it's like the History of Hydration, how people used to drink water and now they drink Gatorade, and it's all these famous athletes (I have no idea who they are, I'm not much for sports) drinking the different types of Gatorade.

Which leads me to: thank God I didn't understand that it's called Gatorade because it was invented by some guy at the University of Florida for their football players. Because I love a good ad campaign THAT MUCH, and because it was an option for my ROTC scholarship, I probably would have gone to Gainesville instead of Auburn. And what a sorry state my life would be in if I hadn't gone to Auburn. Can you even IMAGINE!

So that's what I've been thinking about today. Scary, right?


  1. Jenn,
    Your Navy experience sounds like Ryan's first boat. So sorry. It's enough to make anyone go insane. As for the tire at the gate, I can believe it. I stood at the pier once while 3 guys stood guard over the entrance to the boat. They were suppose to be calling Ryan to come escort me on. Well they didn't. Idiots. They just stood bsing with each other. I finally saw someone I knew from the boat going on and nicely asked them to let the duty officer know his wife had been waiting at on the pier for 10 minutes. It was funny to watch the three guys scramble to get to that phone. Bottom line, the Navy doesn't care about the wives. They will leave you high and dry. (remeber the accident that happened on Ryan's boat? The only way I found out anything was by surfing the net) Stick with the wives. They will always come through for each other. They get it, the Navy doesn't. The Scranton was an exception, they had their act together. Hope things get better soon.

    One last thing. Forget the movies, start renting old tv shows. At most they usually last 45 minutes an episode. A lot easier to fit in here an there. I rented the blind side a few weeks ago and I swear it took all day to watch it.

  2. I LOVE Friday Night Lights, too! It's one of the few shows that Nick and I watch together. I love Tim Riggins and he is able to re-live his high school football glory days. More people need to watch it. Oh, and I want to be Coach's wife. Can I be that smoking hot with a teenager and a toddler?

  3. JEN! I LOOOOOVE Friday Night Lights! I heart dirty Tim Riggins, too! It is truly the best show. Also, have you watched Arrested Development? Get that on Netflix. Very smart humor. Love, love, love it. We miss yall!

  4. also a FNL fan... love it! i've already seen the whole season (b/c we have direct tv and they show it early on a special channel.) anyways... it's intense- keep watching it! and i also hate long movies... grrrrr. and that really sucks about the tire. i think i would've had to go off on the navy dudes! :)

  5. You seriously crack me up. Always. And that's just what I needed this morning since my kids won't stop talking to me and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee. I keep holding my hand up, as if to say, "Mommy's not done with her coffee, so please STOP talking!" But they don't care. So, I'm glad I could laugh at, I mean WITH you first! :)