Thursday, July 15, 2010


You can cancel the suicide watch. I stopped sobbing long enough to put away the food in the kitchen and eat a kitkat while I watched an NCIS rerun. Okay, two kitkats. And I even decided that taking the trash down wasn't actually going to end life as I knew it, so I did that too. That's it- the house is still a wreck, but the big kids are in school tomorrow and I can try to work on it then.

AND THEN, I got online to look for an email from my husband (no such luck, naturally) and I found out that I'm actually probably a little famous! Check it out! Ya'll know how I hop around reading people's blogs all day, right? Well, it all started with this girl Robin. We went to nursing school together, and it was neat because she was married, like me! It's sort of hard to find married people in college, in case you were wondering. We didn't like have sleepovers or braid each other's hair or anything, but we were friends on facebook, and that's how I found my very first blog. And it was a good one, and none have really lived up to it so far. Her first post I read was about a mama-pedicure, how it takes five days and never really gets done...I'm not doing it justice. It was hilarious. I read it on my phone one day while I was waiting in line at the midtown tunnel and it just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. And then I finally made it to work, and that's when I discovered this whole blogging world.

Anyway. Robin interviews people and puts it on her blog, and she interviewed ME!!! I thought she was joking when she asked, because she usually does real people, but she said she was serious, so I did it, and wonder of all wonders, when I got online tonight, she had posted it! Seriously, I can't believe it. And I sound like an idiot, and I wasn't going to post the link, but I want to because I want you to see her blog and get to "meet" her, so here it is, my very first guest apparence on someone else's blog. Don't read my interview, but look around her website. It's pretty friggin funny. Even though I'm a little jealous that she's got my dream of three little blond, curly headed daughters. I'll try to find the post about the pedicure...ahh, you knew I'd come thru for you. Here it is.

And fine, it was three kitkats. Lemme alone already! I'm getting a tummy-tuck-boob-job-butt-and-thigh-lipo after I have this kid, so cut me some fricking slack, a'ight?


  1. You're interview on Robin's Chicks was great!! I'm nosing around on your blog after reading it:)

  2. What an idiot...* first comment on someone's blog other than my sister's and I screw it up.

  3. I hope that today is a better day. Robin's Chicks. Great website!

  4. Wow, you really are famous!! Two guest appearances in one week! Go you!