Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't gotten off the couch in a while. Remember how I was so relieved that I wasn't as tired with this pregnancy as I was with Warren's? Well, I don't know if it just hit me, or it's just that Nick is home and I can actually catch my breath, but seriously! Every single time I sit on the couch, I fall asleep. And since I married the most amazing man in the world, he's been keeping the kids away and letting me sleep as long as I want. To say it's been nice would be the most ridiculous understatement of the year.

He was off all weekend and even a few days last week, so I had all these grand plans of going to the pool and the beach and all sorts of fun family things. What we actually did was play in the backyard. While I slept through it all on the couch. Shrug. Whatareyagonna do, right?

I grabbed the camera to charge the battery and discovered that I haven't taken ANY pictures in the last few weeks. Which is actually fine, since I apparently no longer scrapbook anymore. I did manage to snap a few shots at a birthday party the other day, before I plopped down in a chair and (you guessed it) fell asleep.

Look at Scott's little bowling shoes!!! Now, he and Ava wear the same size, but for some reason he just looks cuter in his!!! I think it's his little man-calves. Who knows. Probably it's just because he's my favorite :)

The birthday girl, our neighbor Julia. Julia gets to start real kindergarten this year and I don't know how I'm going to survive without her around to take Ava off my hands for a while!!! So unfair that Ava can't start!

And my little baby. Look at those cheeks!!!

He's dancing. Apparently, "dancing" means spinning around and stomping your right foot over and over and over and over.

He bowled for the first time...
...and decided it was worthy of applause!

The tech from the radiology department called me yesterday (woke me up!) to schedule my twenty week ultrasound. He started the conversation by telling me that it was too early for me to be making the appointment. I told him that the DOCTOR ordered it and told me to walk down there and schedule it. He then told me that that's a good idea because they fill up fast. Uh, okay. He THEN told me he could do it on Oct first, to which I replied "Oh my gosh, I'll be twenty two weeks by then, can't we do it any sooner?" His answer? "Ma'am, you'll only be twenty one weeks and six days."

You're right dude, my bad. I won't be twenty two weeks until Oct second. You got me there!

So, Nick will be back out to sea and I'll be practically delivering before we find out if it's a girl. Even though I already know it is. Right? I'm currently scouring the internet for one of those "just for fun" 3D ultrasound places, but my hopes aren't very high. Even if they do have one out here, nothing in Guam is in the phonebook or on the internet! So frustrating!!!

Nick went back to work today for real, and I'm trying to catch up on all the housework and laundry that comes with being a family of five. Which, naturally, means I'm spending massive amounts of time on the internet and watching Teen Mom. You know, it just wouldn't feel right if I were too productive. I don't want to shock my family's system!!!

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  1. LOVIN' the itty-bitty bowling shoes! And I love Ava's hair. Her Highness won't let me cut her's short any more. She wants it loooonnnggg. Unfortunately, her's will never grow too looooonnngg 'cause she inherited her father's hair, which is thin and scraggly. Sigh.
    Sorry about the late ultrasound. Keep calling and calling and calling. Then, show up on the wrong day and act like you thought you were supposed to be there. Let the boys loose, and play stupid. I guarantee they will work you in quickly!