Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eight Years

Well, today is our eight year anniversary. And, in keeping with true Engelbrecht tradition, Nick has duty and had to go in even earlier than early, so he left at five thirty and I didn't see him this morning. And he won't be home till tomorrow night. So, we'll go the entire anniversary without seeing each other! One more reason I heart the Navy :)

So, eight years ago we got married. Wow. Hard to believe, right? I was only twenty years old! We planned it for the (tiny) break between summer and fall semester at Auburn, so we ended up getting married on a Friday, which, at the time, was a HUGE deal for me. I mean, a Friday? Who does that? Obviously, it ended up not being any sort of big deal at all, you know?

I know a lot of girls say "Oh, planning my wedding was such a horrible pain, I don't ever want to do that again, woe is me!!!" But I LOVED it. Seriously. I don't think I was a Bridezilla at all. I wasn't overly particular, I didn't really have any preference on the little was just a lot of fun. The hardest part was picking a place for the reception, but once we did that, it was all smooth sailing, for the most part. The hotel provided a wedding coordinator type lady, and whenever she asked a question that I didn't care about, she just made the decision for me.

The only thing I REALLY cared about was the photographer. And, even though I really truly thought I hired the best of the best, you can see that I did not. Ugh. This was 2002, and, hard as it is to believe, digital photography was still a sort of new technology. At least to me. So, I was convinced that if he did it digitally, something would happen between taking the pics and getting them on the computer and we'd lose them all and have no memories whatsoever. Nevermind that this could have happened with film too. I was ADAMANT about not having it done digitally. What an idiot. So, along with the fact that I got the most ARCHAIC form of photographs around, the dude also did NOT get all the shots I wanted, and he left the giant tacky red VBS banner up in the background. Seriously, guy? Really? You didn't think the stained glass WITHOUT the kids' banner would be a little nicer?

I also signed up for just a proofs book and the negatives. I figured I'd either make my own wedding album (uh,hello, the books themselves are like five hundred dollars!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!) or I'd go back and have him do it later. Flash forward eight years... and I still just have the proofs book and a shoebox full of negatives. Sigh.

So, any time I want to DO anything productive with my wedding pics, I have to scan them into my computer. Do you have any idea how boring and time consuming that is? Ugh. So my mom is wedding-scrapbook-less, I am wedding-album-less, and all my pics are dusty because my scanner bed is a filthy mess.

BUT, I suppose the pics remind me of our wedding, and that's the whole point, so they're actually pretty darn spiffy. What an awesome day. I had SO MUCH FUN, and everyone I loved was there and it was just perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. Except the photographer. And my tiny cake. Got a little confused ordering that sucker. It's hard to plan a wedding from so far away!
Speaking of cake, let me go on record ONCE AGAIN and say that we BOTH agreed not to smush cake in each other's faces. It's tacky, and I had the most beautiful dress ever created on. And the cake had BLUE icing. So we BOTH agreed that we wouldn't do it. In fact, you can even see me growling at Nick, to remind him that we BOTH AGREED. In fact, I might be saying "If you smash that cake in my face, you won't even make it to your one day anniversary." Might.

So far so good, although not an attractive face I'm making...(thanks photographer guy! awesome as always!)

Then that little a-hole actually smushed cake in my face. Seriously.

So then I had to smush his face too. Ugh. So tacky :)

What a day. Although, looking thru this tiny sampling of pics, I'm starting to think we may have kissed a little much. What do you think? What can I say? We like to kiss!

So that's a tiny glimpse at the most extraordinary wedding ever. Princess Diana who?


  1. My very fave pic is y'all kissing with cake all over your faces!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I remember when you were preggo with Ava and we spent your anniversary at the mall together. Sorry you guys were apart yet again. Our 5 year is coming up and Ryan will be in a whole other state. Navy life can really suck! I've given up on celebrating any special days (b-day, anniversaries, holidays) on time. Just celebrate when you can. I can't belive you guys are on number 8, it's amazing what you've done in such a sort amount of time! Love the cake pics. They are my favorite.

  3. happy anniversary guys! you really have something to be proud of :) jen, i don't see how you're doing what you do...kudos to being so brave. we miss y'all!

  4. Awww! Loved looking at all the pics! And do you hear all the time that Ava looks just like you? Cause in several of those pics she does!

    And back to our scary, alternate universe where we're the same person just in different parts of the world.....
    Did you steal my wedding dress??? And just have the sleeves altered a bit???? Mine was more of a tank top, but the rest of the dress was THE SAME!!!! AHHHHHHH! Wait, I know for a fact that's not actually my dress 'cause my Momma packed all my sh** up and brought every last bit of my highschool-college-everything that I ever owned-crapola to me and that was one of the items that I really don't need anymore, but she gladly dumped in my garage. It's still there. In the bag. What should I do with it anyway?? I'm sure Her Highness will demand a new gown, but I guess I'll try and save it for her. If the spiders haven't taken it over by then.

    Happy Anniversary!