Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flashback Friday

Er, Saturday. Although, in the Real World, it's still Friday. So it counts.

This is November 2006, putting Ava at just over a year. We took a trip to TN (Ava's second! she was a well traveled baby!) to see my big sister Nikki and her baby Mia. Mia is exactly a year older than Ava, putting her at two, but doesn't she look bigger? She must be really tall or something. I thought she was three, until I started typing this and realized she had to be two. Weird.

We hung out at Nikki's huge house with Grandma, who LOVED having both her grandbabies with her at the same time.

And we went to Dollywood, easily my favorite place on earth. I know, I know, so many people think all things Dolly Parton are SO TACKY, but Dollywood is awesome! It's so different from Disney, and I personally believe that that difference makes it BETTER. It's beautiful, and natural, and fun, and slow paced, and the people are nice...I just love it. I really do.

In hindsight, how could we have put our babies up there with those dolls?!?! They look terrifying!!! Why are they so big? And their eyes...ahhh!!! Mia seemed to get that it was a bad idea long before I came to that realization. Weird.

And the ride home from Dollywood. Now, obviously, most of you have never seen me sleep. But it looks a lot like this. I dunno. We just can't sleep with our mouths closed, I guess. Future Teenage Ava, please don't hate me for posting this pic. It was cute at the time. I love you baby.

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  1. Just had to say that I love Dollywood. My family goes there quite often.