Saturday, August 7, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoot with my Guys

In a rare moment of good cheer, Scott grinned and asked me to take his picture with Dubby so that "he could smile." Melt my heart! That's why that little crapface gets away with smashing his brother's face into the mulch under the swingset. Urgh.

So I grabbed my camera and shot fifty two pics. All on auto. I'm never going to get out of auto am I? Sigh. Of the fifty two, none of them are worth framing. Such a bummer. But a few of them were blogworthy, and after cropping, a few more were pretty darn cute.

Scott's first "pose." Notice their matching muscle shirts from Grandma. Who doesn't love a nice muscle shirt? Not sure if you can convey SARCASM over the internet, but that's what I'm going for here. Although, Mom, I really really loved Ava's outfit. And the boys will wear them, so whatever.

Same shot, just zoomed in on Scott. Why is this coming out underlined and in the wrong color? I hate computers. I really do. I can't fix it!!!

Zoomed even more, to just his head. Obviously. Still underlined. WTF?!?!?! Does anyone know anything about photoshop? See how like, his face is all washed out or something? I'd like to know how to fix that. There's gotta be a way. I just need to like...get that harsh flash out of there? Does that sound right? Anybody? Anyone?

Next poses. Hey, it's not underlined anymore! And I didn't do anything different. So I still don't know how to fix the above. URGH!!! Anyway. The ten versions I have of this shot, one looks stupid and the other looks cute. Every. Single. Shot. I can't remember how to merge a few photos into one on photoshop though, so we're stuck with these mismatched ones. Thanks guys!

BUT, I at least know how to zoom and crop. So I can get cute shots of individual Engelbrechts.

Or shots featuring what we refer to as The Zandee Look of Intelligence. Like that Dad?

Random shot without Scott.

And my signal that the "session" was over...


  1. Sure wish I knew why text goes underlined sometimes! Its so random. By the way, are we friends? Do you get the comments I leave??

  2. Love the pictures and I am still on auto shoot when I take pictures!