Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday

Have I mentioned that Brandi and Lee are finally back? They went home all summer and finally came back a few weeks ago. Lee gets to start kindergarten next week, so we probably won't be seeing too too much of him, but we still plan on hanging out with Brandi and little Easton as much as possible.

They came over last night for dinner and I took advantage of the situation to take one hundred and seventy two pictures. After narrowing that down to the twelve good ones, here's the very few that are blog worthy.

Here's Ava and her very first friend. Five month old Lee visited three day old Ava in the hospital the week she was born. Isn't that so sweet? They've always played so well together, even after nearly a year apart, they just picked up right where they'd left off.

Tangled up in the hammock swing. They were pretending they were in a spider web. Kids are so dumb.

And here's little Easton. Obviously, I don't have any pics of Harley, but if you want to know what he looks like, picture this baby, only a little taller and a tad wider. I've seriously NEVER seen a kid look SO MUCH like his father, it's UNREAL.

And here's my son, who now looks like he's going thru chemotherapy. I don't get it, we always cut his hair that short, I don't really get why it looks so different this time. Weird.

He's pretending to go night-night on the bags of mulch. Have I ever mentioned how dumb kids are?

Scott, and Scott Two.

Try as I might, I just could NOT get a picture of Easton and Warren together on that dang slide. They were up there together for a good twenty minutes, but they're both so fast! It's like they were conspiring to always stand one right in front of the other. Stinkers.

And finally, miracle of all miracles, Scott learned how to "pump his legs." HOORAY!!! If any of you don't have kids, you don't understand what a huge milestone this is. Sitting, standing, walking, talking- whatever. This is bigger. This one means that, instead of standing there for hours on end, pushing your kid on a swing (because that's ALL they want to do at a playground) you get to sit on a bench for twenty minutes and relax. Ahh. So yeah, in order, my favorite milestones are sleep through the night, pump your legs, and stop drinking twenty-three dollars per canister formula. And no, I'm not interested in breast feeding.

Last pic of the night...look at my handsome fella. I guess it MIGHT not be the end of the world if baby number four is a boy. Don't get me wrong, I won't be happy, far from it, but I might not have to kill anyone.

So we started going to this new church and guess what?!?! THEY'RE DOING A BETH MOORE STUDY!!! Now, seriously, have you ever met a woman more desperately in need of a Beth Moore study than me? I highly doubt it. I've already set up a sitter and bought the book. I'm SO EXCITED!!! So yeah. Great way to start the week. How was ya'll's weekends?

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  1. love the pics... you crack me up! we buzz my 3 yr olds hair with a "2" and the one time we used a "1" he looked sick! my 19 month will barely sit still enough for sizzors, much less when we break out the clippers! but your lil man is adorable, and i don't think he looks sick at all. it's just hair, it will grow! :)
    and that is awesome about the beth moore study!

    southern love and prayers from alabama!