Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top of the World

So, remember back in high school when the Dixie Chicks were THE band? And then they like got in a fight with President Bush and all the radio stations banned their music and people threw their albums underneath army tanks? First of all, where did regular people get army tanks anyway? And second of all, I think if everyone had just stepped back and taken a breath, it probably wouldn't have gotten so out of control. I mean, so they hate the president, in the grand scheme of rock bands, is that really that big a deal? I mean, you got singers out there biting heads off chickens and stuff. But, I guess since they were country singers, and southerns are typically conservative and all that...anyway.

The world hated the Dixie Chicks, but I always loved them. I watched their documentary, Shut Up and Sing, and it was REALLY good. Did you know that she got honest to God death threats? And they were valid too, not just some kook sending trash mail. Can you imagine being so upset by something that someone said (an American citizen, who is ALLOWED to speak her mind, at that) that you would honestly plan out a way to end her life? Well, guess she channeled all that upset because when they released Long Way Around (I think that's what it's called, but I don't actually know) they like won all the Grammy's for it. So stick that in your pipe haters.

Of course, no radio stations in Biloxi ever played any of their new stuff....luckily I was in Virginia and had XFM at the time, or else I might never have even known they had a new album. Sad.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the Dixie Chicks. Well, they've got this song called Top of the World. Sadly, they didn't write it, but it's still good. And it's always been able to get me a little choked up, a little burning in the throat, but now that I'm hormonal ONCE AGAIN, it literally makes me sob every time it shuffles into my ipod. And not cute little movie heroine sobs, I'm talking about retching, heaving, loud, snotty nosed sobs. It's a mess. I'm tempted to take it out of the dang thing to avoid an accident.

But this song ya'll...it's good. From what I can tell, it's told from the point of view of this old man (or dead man, sometimes I think he's already died) and he's looking back on his life and FILLED with regret. Absolutely consumed by it. And it's just so heartbreaking! Somewhere in the song, he realizes that it's too late, and that part is the worst for me. In our society, people are always telling you "It's never too late, it's never too late" but they're full of sh*t!!! It WILL BE TOO LATE, and sooner than you think. Seriously. So sad. So, here's the lyrics.

I wished I was smarter
I wished I was stronger
I wished I loved Jesus
The way my wife does
I wish it had been easier
Instead of any longer
I wished I could have stood where you would have been proud
But that won't happen now
That won't happen now

There's a whole lot of singing that's never gonna be heard
Disappearing everyday without so much as a word somehow
Think I broke the wings off that little song bird
She's never gonna fly to the top of the world right now

Top of the world

I don't have to answer any of these questions
Don't have no guide to teach me no lessons
I come home in the evening
Sit in my chair
One night they called me for supper
But I never got up
I stayed right there in my chair


I wished I'd a known you
Wished I'd a shown you
All of the things I was on the inside
I'd pretend to be sleeping
When you come in in the morning
To whisper good-bye
Go to work in the rain
I don't know why
Don't know why

'Cause everyone's singing
We just wanna be heard
Disappearing everyday without so much as a word somehow
Wanna grab a hold of that little song bird
Take her for a ride to the top of the world right now
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
To the top of the world
I wish I had some idea of who he's talking to. It's not his wife, right, because he talks about "his wife" so she can't be "you" as well, right? Doesn't it just break your heart? When he talks about coming home and sitting in his chair and they call him for dinner and he just stays in the chair!!! Oh my GOSH! Talk about regret. That's a fear of mine, that I'll regret letting Scott play outside this morning in the sprinkler while I stayed inside reading. You know?

And the part where he pretends to be sleeping when whoever it is (really seems like the wife, you know?) comes in to say goodbye?!?!? What a horrible man! Ugh. I'm telling you, this song speaks to me. And it just breaks my heart. And makes me want to be a better person.
Remember that stupid Jack Nicholson movie where he says that to Helen Hunt? I hate that guy. But still, it does. Make me want to be a better person.
And the violin and cello at the end makes me want to learn to play violin and cello. But that's not really the point.
I actually have no point. Except that this is a really good song and I really want you to listen to it.
I had something relevant to say, something about one of my kids, but now I'm too busy crying to remember what. Probably just that they suck and I don't want to have four.


  1. I just watched the video and it breaks my heart. Thanks for telling us about the song. I hadn't heard it or seen the video. Love your blogs!!!! Your college friend, Robin, has her blog published in the local newspaper and that's where I found your blog.
    Hope you feel better today. Not much longer til Baby gets here.
    Keep writing