Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to Scrapbooking

Well, I (sort of stole) borrowed all this material from my friend who's taking this time management class, and this time, the idea of not watching hours and hours on end of tv seems to really have stuck. AND, I finally bought a cricut! So I'm on my way to getting back into scrapbooking. I REALLY REALLY love to do it, I just haven't done it in ages. And being in Guam makes it even harder because I have to order everything online...but anyway.
I'm going to start a through-the-years book for each of the kids. It's just one layout a year, so certainly I can keep up, and it will cut back on some of the guilt from not scrapping every single picture in my big albums. So, instead of watching NCIS during naps today, I picked out all the pics for Ava's first three years, and here's my first layout!
Now I just have to print it out, scrap the graph, and add the opposite page, either a letter to Ava about the year or something equally corny like that. Any photoshoppers out there know how I could make the white between each picture black? I could order it from snapfish with a black background, but I'm so sick of waiting for things in the mail!

Oooh, they just kept right on sleeping, so I did year two as well! I think I might change it so that the bottom pic (the birthday cake ones) are double tall too, since I'll be using an 8.5x11 album for these books. As soon as I order them and they finally get here in the mail. They use rowboats you know.
Oh my gosh, I can't stop! Scott's still sleeping (I guess he wakes up early because his mom lets him take three and four hour naps) and I can't stop! I did Scott's first year too! Good thing I can't find the discs with the rest of the pics on it, or else I wouldn't stop till I had them ALL done. I have a feeling that this isn't exactly what they mean when they talk about time management. I mean sure, I gave up three hours of television, but I just sat on the couch and scrapbooked for three hours instead! Ahh. Oh well.
Anyway, I'm pretty proud of my productivity, so I figured I'd share.

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