Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Come on Over to my Pity Party!

So, yeah, I haven't blogged in a while. My life is just so boring now, I can barely stand to LIVE it, let alone blog about it. I am being completely and totally honest here. I do the same things, day after day after day. This is why I NEVER wanted to be a stay at home mom! I feel like I'm on Groundhog Day!

I have been doing a LOT of scrapbooking. I cut my TV time down SERIOUSLY, like, I barely watch anything at all. And that's sad for me, because I really do love tv. But I figure one day I can rent whatever still looks interesting, right? Maybe one day when we're back in the Real World and we can watch netflix on the Wii. That drives me INSANE, that we can't watch netflix on the Wii because we live in Guam. Guam sucks. I'm sick of pretending that it wasn't a HUGE mistake to come here. It was. And I'm literally counting down the days until we head to HI. I have to abbreviate it because I can't figure out how to spell it. If you want to countdown with me, we're at seventeen months. Which doesn't sound long, until you think that Warren's been alive for eighteen. And he's been alive for a LONG LONG TIME.

So did I ever mention that when I went in for my eighteen week appointment, my OB (who I know personally and used to work with and really respect, which made this even WORSE) said that she was obligated to tell me that it's VERY UNHEALTHY to gain thirty pounds in the first eighteen weeks. That's right.

Thirty pounds.

In eighteen weeks.

Now, I knew that I had gained a lot of weight. And for my intake appt, when they asked how much I weighed, I told them (I'll spare you the actual number) the number that I was when I got to Guam. Before we spent a week in a hotel, eating out three times a day, then another three weeks with no belongings, eating out all those meals too. So I was probably ten pounds heavier than THAT when I actually got knocked up. So if I want to get technical, maybe I've only gained twenty pounds. In eighteen weeks. Which is still horrifying.

I knew that I'd gained a lot- I'm not a moron. I went to nursing school. I learned there that eating four bags of Halloween candy in two days added to not exercising in five months equals MASSIVE WEIGHT GAIN. Auburn was a really good school :)

But until I saw those numbers climb up on that scale, and had to sit there in complete and total humiliation while a former colleague (who, in her defense, looked equally horrified to have to have this conversation with me) told me I was a lard ass, I didn't know it'd gotten that bad.

I mean, THAT BAD.

So, I'm walking. Or rather, I'm trying to walk. Can't walk in the land of Boonie Dogs and Roosters, so I have to head over to Lockwood to walk with Brandi. And, if you didn't know, it rains here. A lot. If it starts while we're out, it's not a big deal, but today it started as soon as I pulled in the driveway, and it just doesn't make sense to leave the house in a downpour. So that's not that helpful. And really, how much good is walking going to do, now that I've already ruined everything I worked SO HARD for at WW? Not likely. Walking for thirty minutes is ONE POINT. That's roughly the equilivalant of a skittle.

My housekeeping skills were to die for while Nick was gone. The house was spotless every night, laundry was washed and put away, dinners were cooked and cleaned up after...it was a good eight days. Then he came home, and let me tell you, when given the choice between cuddling up on the couch and playing Mario after the kids go to bed...or sweeping and mopping and folding laundry...

I'm sure you can just imagine what my house looks like now.

But the one bright side in my life? My Bible study. We're on week five tonight, and Beth Moore is FINALLY gonna start! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I might go get the sitter early so I can go to the study early just in case they start on time. It's been great so far and I've learned a lot, blah blah, but knowing that Beth wouldn't start until the last two lessons was KILLING ME! And as usual, the Lord has provided the tiny, minuscule things that make my boring little life tick- a fantastic sitter, with a dad who's willing to pick her up afterwards so I don't have to load my sleeping kids into the car to drive her back home. How awesome is that?

And on a not so bright note: someone stole our generator and a bunch of power tools, right out from under my nose. They walked up to the shop, either jimmied the lock, had a key, or went through a window, and helped themselves to all our stuff, right while me and the kids were sleeping ten feet away. Ugh. All together now: GUAM SUCKS.

But here's my first completed page from my Through The Years Albums. And since they're littler than the usual 12x12, I HAD to scan them in so I could post them. I've got about five other pages ALMOST done, but so far this is the only actual completed one. And all my Disney pics came today, so hopefully I can get started on that and have two entire BOOKS finished by the end of next week. Check me out!


  1. (i found you from holly hudson/the momtage blog...)
    i'm jealous of the scrapbooking. my oldest son is 3 1/2 and the last think i did in his book was his 6 week pictures. behind much? ;)

    sorry guam sucks. sometimes alabama is not that great either! ha.

    and i don't even know you, but will it make you feel better to know that i gained 53 pounds during each of my pregnancies? how can that happen once, much less TWICE! you will survive, and i'm sure you will lose it chasing after your four kids!

    oh, and YaY for beth moore bible studies, and a good babysitter with a nice dad! that's great!

    southern love and prayers from alabama!

  2. the thing about rowen arranging the dog food is that he MUST do it with a bike helmet on! that kid!

    hey, i wanted to tell you...thanks for being so candid. sometimes i wish i could be more honest about how i really see things, even if its in a super negative light. sometimes i really do try and it sounds ridiculously phony (sp?).

    i know this sounds like a stupid question, but could you work out there? base hospital? i could never stay home ALL.THE.TIME. so kudos. seriously. you are a strong woman.

    guam does suck.

    praying for you...mjs