Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Even More Scrapbooking

Well, I'm still working on these books like crazy. It sort of sucks. I mean, I give up all this time watching tv, and then I either get stuck in a book, or stuck on this scrapbook? How's that any different? Oh well. I guess at least I can say I have something to show for it now?

Who knows. I went to the "scrapbook" store out here and (again) left with nothing and cried on the ride home. Guam is just so much different than I ever thought it would be. I'm gonna have to order everything I ever need online, absolutely everything. And let me tell you, it costs more than a few stamps to send things out here. Ugh.

But anyway. It's fun to look through all my old pics, and doing this has really helped me get a handle on the layers issue in photoshop. Anyone who has photoshop and is about as stupid as me when it comes to all things computer can understand that this is a HUGE DEAL. So that's nice. I can whip through one of these babies in like...thirty minutes. Hey, I said I was getting better, I never said I was fast.

So here's Scott, Year Three.

And here's Scott, Year Two...
And Ava, Year Four...

And Ava, Year Three...(one of her cutest years, if I do say so myself)
And, I've even managed to mount a few of these and get that side of the book done. Sans book, of course. I'm like a crazy scrapbooking machine.

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