Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

So, my friend Holly posted a pic on fb of her kids at the Auburn sign, and I got all jealous because we haven't been there in FOREVER and she gets to live RIGHT there. So I figured for Flashback Friday, I'd post my pic of Ava and Scott at the sign, the picture we have hanging on one of our yellow walls. And, being me, that one picture turned into the whole trip, when we went down to Mardi Gras in Feb 2008. We stopped in Auburn to have lunch with Laura and her babies, and we took advantage of the fact that the entire college was deserted. We're such dorks.

This is Ava with Laura's baby Olivia. They're a month apart, but Olivia is a normal sized human, so she TOWERED over Ava that day. And just so you know, we're at Niffers. We've been back to Auburn three times since graduation, and we've eaten there every time. Nick hates it, but he doesn't have the heart to tell me no.

Speaking of a month apart, Laura also has a son a month younger than Scott, and she's having another baby about a month after I'm due with Better-Be-A-Girl-Engelbrecht. Weird, right?

Waiting for the parade with a bag of cotton candy and a bottle of water. Talk about the life.

See that paper flower in her hair? That's sort of a big deal at Mardi Gras in Biloxi, and my darling daughter snagged one! Although it did sort of throw off her bows, but I tried not to let it bother me. Sigh. She was (and still is) so friggin cute I could just kill myself. See why I HAVE to have another girl?

Taking a breather after all the excitement. I have no idea why we used those stupid looking pacifiers. Shrug.

All pimped out for the drive back to Virginia.

And this final shot is at a McDonalds playplace on the drive home. I forgot how BALD Scott was back then!!!

Now I feel stupid for recapping that whole trip. That's not what Flashback Friday is about! But I just couldn't help it. They're just so cute, when I scroll thru the pics and see one, if I DON'T put it on, I feel guilty, like I'm saying they're not cute enough! Yelling and screaming at them all day to clean up-no guilt there. Skipping a picture of them on a trip that happened three years ago? Total guilt trip. Go figure.

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  1. Okay, that pic of Scott waving at the parade... may be one of my most favorite pictures of all time of any kid ever on the planet. How stinkin' hilarious is that?? Too cute. And Ava is/was a super duper cutie patootie.

    Y'all are ALL so cute. I definitely think Ava looks like you. Such a beautiful family! Baby #4 is blessed, coming into a family with those looks, he/she is destined to be cute-cute-CUTE.