Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joshua Treadway

Well I've been in a MOOD lately, hence the blog hiatus. Then my sister called at the beginning of the week to say she was in labor. At twenty eight weeks. Then my mom called the next day to say that she was delivering. So I've been a little preoccupied.

I keep getting confused about the days/dates since it's always tomorrow here, but I think he was born on Sept 15 at 10:07 pm. It was Thursday afternoon here, so I think that makes sense. He was 2lbs, 12oz and my sister said she heard him attempting to cry just before they intubated and took him to the NICU. I was freaking out because she lives in a small town in TN and I thought he should be airlifted to the University hospital (dramatic much? not me!) but I looked it up online and where she is is a big hospital with a Level III NICU, which is what we had at NMCP, so I guess it's as good as it gets.

We all knew she would deliver early, but I had no idea it would be THIS early. She had Mia at about 32 weeks, and coincidentally, I was flying in that morning for her baby shower, so I got to see her! Not so much with Joshua. Not only is it just totally implausible for me to fly out there, Nick is gone and I've got all these kids stuck to my side. I am DYING to see him for myself, but so far I've had to settle for a few blurry cell phone pics.
I never had any experience in the NICU other than bottle feeding this big fat term baby that I don't even know why he was there, but I think he looks good. He looks sort of normal, just really little. And obviously, it's not normal to have a tube down your throat or tubes in your belly button, but still. I think he looks good. Big. His daddy is big, so maybe that will help :)

My sister is doing well, she's already been discharged, which makes it easier since she's got a five (almost six!) year old to love on too. Last she told me what that Joshua would probably be hanging out in the hospital until around his due date, which was Dec 14. So she's got her heart set on bringing him home by Christmas. Although I have absolutely NO experience or anything with preemies, that sounds pretty reasonable to me, so that's what we'll be praying for ya'll.

I knew it would suck living halfway around the world, but I had no idea it would suck THIS BAD. It's hard to call with the time change, no one can call me, and if I'm out driving around (which I do a LOT) then I can't even call them. I feel completely separate from everyone and totally useless. It sucks. Big time.

So that's all I know for now. I'll keep you posted, but I think we're in for a long, slow process.

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  1. how is the baby doing? Praying for him and your family