Monday, September 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So, at the risk of jinxing myself, I think we're finally coming out the other side of The Great Plague of 2010. Although, I posted the same thing on fb on Friday, and Ava and I were in the ER on Saturday getting IV fluids (she handled the IV better than half the women I stuck when I was working L&D) and crying on the little bed together when the doctor uttered those dreaded words: Just Wait It Out. If any doctors are reading this, please. Please please please please, PLEASE don't ever say this to a mother who hasn't showered in days and is holding her sobbing four year old who is hooked up to an inch long catheter that someone used a NEEDLE to tread into her arm, pumping a bag of seemingly ice cold liquid into her veins. Find something else to say, just don't say WAIT IT OUT. That's a horrible thing to say!

But wait it out we did (actually I ground up a grown up Imodium and slipped it in a jar of applesauce, but I'll never admit that in a court of law) and even though her business is far from NORMAL, it's not straight liquid and it's not seventeen times a day. On Saturday, as she raced to the bathroom for the millionth time, she wailed "I'm so TIRED of this!!!" It was, as a mother of three, with a short five years of experience, the most heart wrenching thing I've witnessed thus far. It literally broke my heart. And I'm not much of a heart broken kinda gal.

So I had a nervous breakdown on Friday. It's been a while, guess I was due. It's so hard for me to see past the moment in bad situations. When Warren was new and I was up in the middle of the night (for the first time, I might add- Nick did it with the other two, for the most part) I would literally be rocking him and sobbing, because I truly believed that I would never ever get to sleep again. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that not only was this just ONE NIGHT, this was just one thirty minute block of time in that night. It's weird, I guess, but that's just how I roll.

So I was planning the rest of our lives around Ava being sick forever. I'd have to homeschool her, the house would never be clean, we'd go broke buying those wet wipes you can flush, the boys would grow into little teenage arsonists because I'd never pay any attention to them- real dramatic stuff here.

And then, even though I've known it for a while, it finally dawned on me that for the next two years, I will essentially be a single parent. Nick will be gone for two months, home for two months (standing all this duty since the JOs apparently don't have to do it, working until all hours because his boss is a megadouche), gone for two, home for two. As of now, he should be here for the delivery, but then he'll be gone right away, for two months. So of course, that hits me NOW, when I'm already teetering on the edge.

And THAT made me remember that I'm pregnant. Because I sort of keep forgetting. I'm not that big (well, I'm big, but I think the size of my ass is more related to the fact that I've eaten four bags of Halloween candy since last week than to the fact that I'm eighteen weeks pregnant) and it just sort of slips my mind for the most part. Kind of old hat by now. But I AM pregnant, and soon I'll have a screaming, hungry newborn to take care of, all by myself, along with these other three who are essentially little more than babies themselves.

Let me be clear here too about my stupidity: we're not one of those religions who don't believe in birth control, who want as many kids as God will give them. We planned, tried for, got pregnant, and delivered each of these kids exactly in the time frames we thought were a good idea.

How stupid are we?!?!?

But, all in all, there's just nothing I can do about it now. I'm gonna have to figure it out. Just promise me this: after I have this baby, if I sound like I'm going off the deep end, just mention it to me. Okay? Because I think I had some issues with post partum depression after I had Warren, but I never realized it. I don't think I would have like drowned him in the tub, but I was sort of obsessed with him getting into these horrifying situations, like falling into an oblivion or his head spontaneously exploding like a watermelon. Apparently, that's not a normal feeling to have. But no one mentioned it to me until after the fact (thanks Robin!!!) and I can't help but think it might have been a little easier for me if I'd gotten help beforehand.

So, after a week of eating cereal for dinner, I finally went grocery shopping and all that jazz, so I decided to join Menu Plan Monday again. It's been forever! It's hard to join, because obviously, I have my Monday twelve hours before she does, and I usually go to bed before she posts hers, so I don't get a chance to join her link, but still, it's the thought that counts. And I DO join, just really really late, so hopefully I'm not breaking any copyright rules or anything.

Monday: PW's comfort meatballs and mashed potatoes. I hate to say it, and I hope she never finds out, but I don't like her mashed potatoes. They're just TOO rich, you know? I like just plain ole potatoes and sour cream and some milk. So that's that. Nick has duty (yes, on Labor Day, did I ever mention how much I love the boat? He literally had it better as a JO, as far as duty is concerned. This boat sucks.) so hopefully we'll take some up to him and watch a movie or something while we eat. Not holding my breath though.

Tuesday: Halloween chicken chili. It's been a while my friend, but I haven't forgotten you. And btw, Sam's new cookbook? Don't waste your money. But the old one is still just as trusty as always.

Wednesday: grilled chicken tacos and red rice. We just got a rice cooker, so we've been eating red rice like it's going out of style. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast-that's pretty much all I'm letting Ava eat, so it works out.

Thursday: Hawaiian slow cooked ribs. I've never used this website, but I figure you can't really go wrong. The ingredients are all pretty basic and sound pretty here's hoping she knows what she's doing.

Friday: and Nick has duty AGAIN. Maybe we really were spoiled on the Scranton, I don't know. But seriously, the dept heads NEVER stood weekend duty. Never. And Nick has stood the last three in a row, and he has the 17th too. What the hell? Anyway, so we'll be eating leftovers.

Saturday: grilled steak and baked potatoes. That's pretty much all I ever want to eat these days.

Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs. Ava's favorite. Hopefully she'll be a hundred percent better by then. If not, I'll be in the mental institution, so they'll be on their own for dinner.

What are ya'll eating this week? Head over here for some inspiration!

And here, a reward for sticking with me this long long post. Nick was up with Ava ALL NIGHT Friday, so when we got back from the ER and put everyone down, he took a nap too. Well, Scott got up after just an hour (we usually nap for more like three) because he had to pee (reason four seventy five why I think life in diapers is just easier) and he refused to go back to sleep. So he was playing with the knife sharpener in the laundry room, one of his favorite pastimes. Ahh, Scott. What a special guy. Anyway, it was super quiet, so I went in there to find him fast asleep on the laundry room floor! So of course, I ran to get my camera. He rolled over while I was getting it, so you can't see his sweet face and it looks like maybe he's just laying there so it's not AS cute, but trust me: he was sleeping, and it was SUPER cute.


  1. Gosh, I can't believe this massive bug she had! And none of y'all got it! Poor AVA! I even talked to Rob about this after your last post and he even agreed he woulda given her something. And he's not as tender-hearted as I am! Who are these docs you're dealing with? Well, I'm praying for you guys. This week's gonna be better!

  2. Poor, poor Ava. Sooo glad she's better! I'm gonna try that Halloween chili soon. Sounds like a Hudson House win!
    Hope the rest of you stay well.