Friday, October 29, 2010


So I can't remember the circumstances, but there's this episode of the Office where Michael says "carni-VAL' in a Michael type voice. So since the kids had their school carnival today, I've been saying it like that all week. They don't get it.

Here's Handy Manny, all dressed up. Let me say real quick that I have the kids to school every day by eight. We had to be there no later than nine today. I ALWAYS get there by eight. But today, when we didn't have to be there till NINE, I was late. I just couldn't get it in gear! Very strange. So I took these pictures at like 8:55. At our house. Thirty minutes away from the school. Isn't that crazy?

But I digress. Here's Princess Ava. She was originally supposed to be a butterfly, but I let her chose her own costume on Amazon and we ended up with what I can only describe as a purple princess, with butterfly wings. Search me, I don't get it. But she sure is cute :)

And I just now realized I didn't get any of just Warren! Dang it. But you can still see him here. Yes, they're standing on my table. It's too hard to squat down to their level to get a picture.

Some shots from school...

Warren "playing" one of the carnival games with a teacher...

Probably my favorite shot of the day. They had donuts on strings, and you were supposed to "bob" for them, sort of like you do with apples I guess? So I told Scott he couldn't use his hands, and he REALLY tried not to, but it was like involuntary, he couldn't get his hands down. So cute.

And in a close second for best shot of the day, my five year old. Isn't she beautiful? I know all moms think their kids are the most beautiful kids ever, but seriously. Come on, she's gorgeous!

In the bounce house, which had a basketball hoop...

Oh shoot, I forgot about this one. This is actually my favorite shot of the day. He kept winning pirate patches at the carnival games, so he figured hey, why not wear two. After all, he has two eyes...

And then some random shots of the baby after I collapsed into a chair and couldn't get up anymore. It's hot out there ya'll!
Oops. Guess there's just the one random shot. Oh well. We'll be trick or treating tomorrow (the 30th, for those of you who can keep up with the time change. We'll be trick or treating the day BEFORE Halloween. Gotta love Guam) so I'm sure I'll have a TON more pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays

So I gained about a pound this week. Actually, a little over a pound, as long as we're being honest here. Any chance the baby gained the entire thing? Something tells me no...but here's hoping. I fell off the wagon this weekend with the eating out, and then I've just been so hungry!!! I mean, we're talking HUNGRY here. But I guess the point is that when you're hungry, you're supposed to eat an apple or a banana or a chicken sandwich. Not a pack of Halloween reese's cups. Oh well, trying not to get too bummed. After all, my real goal is to go to my next appointment (the week before Thanksgiving) having not passed the one ninety mark from last time, and with a negative gestational diabetes test. The former (the not gaining weight) is my own selfish goal to not be a lard ass. The latter (the no-diabetes) is because I don't want my baby to be a fatty who drops her obscenely high birth glucose after she's out of my giant, sugar-infested body and has to stay in the nursery drinking sugar water or on a drip while I recover in a room all alone with no baby to make the pain worth it.

Eyes on the prize, right?

So yesterday was Ava's actual birthday. We kept it pretty low-key since we'd already had her party and all. We made cupcakes (I ate two!!! That's ten points!!! And I ate frosting straight out of the jar, Lord knows how many points THAT was!) for her to take to school, and we went out for snow cones after dinner. I gave her a stack of birthday cards (that was LITERALLY the only thing she wanted- cards in the mail. When we first moved here, it was right around Scott's birthday and coincidentally, he got a card every day for about a week. Apparently she became OBSESSED with that. When I handed her the stack, the first thing she says is 'did I get more than Scott?' I HATE this competitive stage she's in!!!) But, as low key as it was, it was still a birthday. And it still means that I have a five year old.

I've been a mother for five years.

How's that possible?

At the same time, I had her about a year after I joined the Navy, and let me tell you, THAT seems like a lifetime ago. I can't even believe that actually happened. I'm so caught up in the day-to-day of stay-at-home-motherhood, I can't believe there was a time when I got up (at four in the afternoon!) got a shower(without Warren opening the curtain to make sure I was still there, that I hadn't abandoned him through some secret trapdoor in the bathroom floor!) got dressed in something other than Nick's old workout shorts and a very unflattering tank top that really shows my flab, and went to work to do something important, that used my brains and my mind and my judgement and my overly expensive college education.

Today, I laid in bed listening to the baby (I need to stop calling him 'the baby') cry, hoping Ava would wake up and go entertain him for a few minutes while I just laid there for ONE MORE SECOND. I didn't even have the energy to put the frozen waffles in the toaster, so I dumped some cereal in little plastic cups so the kids could sit on the couch and eat it and watch this STUPID crap on the Disney channel called Chugginton. Now, on a side note, I don't have a problem with most toddler shows. I like Oso, I love Dora, I can tolerate Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny. But Chuggington? That show is THE WORST. It's swim class day, so no preschool. The boys will probably stay in their jammies until we leave for the pool at eleven. I'll get some awesome read time for the hour while they're in class and Warren plays in the baby pool, and hopefully that will jolt some life into me. Then we'll hit McDonalds (if they're good listeners in class, which the teacher always says they are even with when I KNOW they're not) come home and I'll lay on the couch while they play and I count down the minutes till two when I can throw them all in bed and try to motivate myself to work out, but in reality just lay on the couch and watch Grey's reruns on lifetime. Nick has duty, so once they get up, I'll either nuke some leftovers or make pancakes for dinner, then play outside till bathtime (ugh) and we'll all go to bed at eight.

I used to deliver babies. I used to help people recovery from surgery. I used to maintain chemo infusions. I used to make a difference, all day, every day. And this is what I do now.

No wonder I eat a pack of Halloween reese's in one sitting. Wouldn't you?!?!?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So we wanted to do something besides go to the NEX (which is our go-to weekend activity, when we're not going to the beach) so we decided to go for another hike. A nice, easy, flat one, just up a trail. Someone (who was SO WRONG that I won't post her name) told me to try Mt. Lam Lam. So we packed water, got sunscreened up, and headed out to Agat to try and find this trail.

We couldn't find it. Like, at all. So we decided just to drive around the south end of the island for a while. It was a GORGEOUS day, not a friggin cloud in that sky, so it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

We discovered a new group of know, good old fashioned cement igloos. On Guam.

Saw some goats tied up on the side of the road...

More scenery and photo ops...

There's this place on Guam called Jeff's Pirate Cove, I'd heard about it even before we moved out here. And hey, since we couldn't find a place to hike and get some exercise, why not eat out instead? Sounds good to me! It was kitchy and the food was fried and good and it was just nice.

We also stopped at a little fruit stand sort of thing and finally got our hands on some pepper jelly- WOW. People weren't lying, that stuff is AMAZING. Wow. Did I already say that?

We drove back down and gave it one more shot, looking for that trail. Instead, we found a little trail leading to a thousand stairs, and up top there were more breath-taking views. Seeing this landscape makes it easy to forget how miserable I get here :)

Dad, look at that picture above this line: that's Cocos Island. Look familiar?

While we were up there, we finally saw what we'd been looking for- the trail up Mt. Lam Lam. It would lead to those teeny tiny crosses up there, way up there. Way way WAY WAY up there.

Uh, what the heck? How on EARTH would we have made it up there?!?!? Even without the kids, even without being six months pregnant, there's no way I ever would have made it up there? That's my mountain for goodness sake!!! I mean, it's probably a thousand miles up!!!

Right before we started back down the stairs (which isn't that much easier than going UP stairs, by the way, now that I've got a belly on me) a group of tourists showed up. I don't want to offend anyone by saying Japanese or Korean because I'm not sure, no one spoke to us. Us being me and Nick. They spoke PLENTY to the kids, mainly the boys. I mean, WOW. They didn't speak English, but they knew enough to beg the boys to take pictures with them. Scott ate it up, hugging and kissing and posing with everyone who paid him any attention at all. So cute. A little weird, but mostly just cute.

See Scott behind that guy? Some girl's literally got her arms wrapped around him. What do they do with these pictures? Do they go home and show them to their friends and say "Look at this little blond kid, isn't he cute?" I just don't get it. But they were so nice, and so funny, and the boys thought it was a total blast.

So that was our Saturday. Much better than going to the NEX :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunshine...I Vaguely Remember What That Was Like

I just found these pictures in my camera when I was cleaning it out. They're from a long ago day when I last saw the sun. I miss the sun. Even in the rare instances when it isn't pouring down rain here, it's still hazy and overcast. I haven't seen the real sun, just hanging out in the sky and shining, in like six days. I'm thinking that if we ever make it to Bangor (Pacific Northwest for those of you who aren't in sublife) I'm going to go bonkers. I mean, it's been less than a week and I'm literally losing my mind from lack of sunshine. And not only is it sunless there, it's also cold!

I'm going to be trapped here forever!!!

Nothing new to report. I have no idea what's going on with my children as I'm reading The Hunger Games right now and not paying any attention to them at all. Don't worry, I've only got one left, then I'll give you the full report. I know you can't wait!

PS: When was the last time I posted a pic of my kids in something other than pajamas or bathing suits? It sure makes laundry easier on me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Lately

Well, it's been a week. I may or may not have lost two pounds. I got my initial starting weight in the middle of the afternoon at the doctor's office with my clothes on (granted, here in Guam I barely wear clothes. Which is another source of motivation for a little healthy revamp) so I'm not sure how acurate that was. Not sure why I didn't wait until the next morning to get a real weight. That's not true. I was so ashamed and mortified at all the things she said that I came right home and signed up for WW online, and you have to put in your weight. Who knows why I just said I wasn't sure. I try to make a point to be brutally honest here.

So anyway. My naked, first morning weight was two pounds less. So, even if I didn't actually lose, I didn't GAIN three pounds, which is what I've been doing every week for the past twenty four weeks. So that's good enough for me. I "exercised" every day except Sunday, I skipped McDonalds BOTH times I could have had it, and there are still two kitkats in my freezer instead of in my belly. Which is where they REALLY want to be :( Amazingly (insert sarcasm here) not eating truckfulls of crap all day and night and not laying on the couch for hours on end has actually helped with the extreme fatigue I've been having. Wow. Who knew, right? I hate healthy people.

Nick is still here. I'm getting nervous about what this will mean for his follow on schedule. Right now, he SHOULD be here for both Christmas and the delivery of Baby Girl Engelbrecht (no, we don't have a name, so stop asking) but he tells me that it won't change. But seriously, what's he going to do, tell me that I'm going to be all alone? Not likely, I'd lose my mind and he knows it. So he's probably just trying to keep me calm until it gets a little closer. No idea when he's going to leave, it could literally be any hour. That's pretty hard, you can't really prepare for that. So we're just not thinking about it at all, and going to the beach all the time instead. Works for me :)

Those pictures above are my continued attempts for a Christmas card photo. Scott just WILL NOT cooperate. So, if you get a card from me and it only features two kids...he's still alive. Just not in pictures.

Now, not to be one of those annoying braggy 'isn't my kid so cute!' mamas, but look at these pictures. There's a way in photoshop to edit the eyes, so that they really pop up and stand out. I haven't figured it out yet-these are their real eyes! Aren't they beautiful? Scott's have ALWAYS looked like this, but Warren's have just recently turned lighter. I just can't get enough of these pictures!

And apparently, the bucket-on-his-head is going to be a common thing for a while. Sigh.

Here's more weird stuff he does: he was crawling in the water, weaving in and out of Nick's legs, for about ten minutes straight. Laughing, having the time of his life, just weaving in and out. Tell me that's not strange!!

Nick finally stepped back onto the sand, and Warren followed him right up to keep doing it! Didn't work so well out of water though. Poor kid :(

So then he decided to eat his foot instead. Huh.

The ever popular boogie board...

So that's life lately. Not very exciting, but we like it.