Friday, October 8, 2010

Asan Beach Walking Trail

Well I’ve been out of the first trimester for what, eleven weeks now? And I’m still completely exhausted. I don’t get it, this has never happened before. Usually I wake up sometime in week thirteen feeling totally and completely refreshed and not nauseous and just GREAT. Not so much here on pregnancy numero quarto. Maybe four is too many. It’s not exactly the same as that horrible first trimester dead weight depletion feeling, but it’s pretty close. I can stay awake with effort through most of the day, but lemme tell you, once four o’clock hits, you better watch out because I’m going down. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, I’m GOING to fall asleep. Ugh.

So I’ve been keeping up with my walks. I want to feel good about it, but I’m gaining weight at the same scale as I was before, and I think that the walks are adding to my exhaustion. My chiropractor got FIRED, so my back is totally out of control. My ob is a DO, so here’s hoping she remembers some of the adjustment tricks. But I mean, it’s been what, ten years for her? So I’m not holding my breath. But we gotta do something, my hips are all out of wack. Oh, last week of January, you can’t get here fast enough. Honest to goodness, two or three days after I deliver, whatever hormone that is that makes your joints all loosey goosey will be gone and I’ll finally be able to walk without a limp. I CANNOT WAIT.

You like that? Loosey goosey? Yeah, I’m going to medical school. I’m hip to the lingo. I’ll also be using the terms “ouchie” and “that thingie” a lot.

Anyway, someone please tell me that the walking is what’s making me exhausted and I’ll quit. Right? Come on, throw me a line ya’ll.

But anyway (again with the anyway?) my friend on base is busy a lot of mornings, so she can’t walk, and when she can’t walk, I usually just go home and eat birthday cake instead. WELL THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. So I found this super cute walking trail right down the road from where I drop the kids off from preschool and to say that it’s breathtaking…is NOT an understatement. I still hate Guam and think it was a huge mistake to move here, but COME ON. How can you not appreciate these views?

By the way, all that complaining I do about driving the kids back and forth to preschool? This is the view out my windows THE ENTIRE TIME. What the heck is wrong with me?!?!

I’m tired, that’s what. And hungry. And fat. That sours just about everything, even the amazing views.

On a lighter, not-about-to-kill-myself note, Warren was being super quiet yesterday, so I went looking for him. Found him in the bathtub, playing with the icky damp tub toys. What a weirdo!

Yes, he's missing a shirt. He rarely wears one, because he's a messy eater, and he eats...well, he eats all day. So there's that.

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