Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ava (Not Really) Turns Five

So Ava's birthday isn't actually until the end of October (hence no wailing over the fact that I have a FIVE YEAR OLD) but since our Daddy is about to leave for a very very long time, we decided to have her party this weekend. She didn't seem to mind :)
We rented this AMAZING bounce house- can you believe you can just rent these? I sort of want to buy one. Except then someone would probably land funny and break his neck. So I guess we'll stick to renting them.

Anyway, we got our money's worth out of that sucker. Nick set it up first thing in the morning and they played in it nonstop until naps, slept like Engelbrechts, then went right back in.

Right before the party started, we let Ava open her gifts. Now, with four kids and limited space, we just can't go all out on gifts. That's why I have a STRICT no-presents-at-the-party policy, in case anyone was offended that I put that in all caps with lots of exclamations on the invitations. Ava does, however, accept cash or checks made out to her mother, Jennifer Engelbrecht. I'm just saying :)

But we aren't total scrooges, we did let her have a few new things. This kid is OBSESSED with artwork lately, so we got her a little desk for her room and a bunch of "art" supplies. Read: just a bunch of easy-to-wash crayola crapola that was buy one get two free at Toys R Us after Christmas last year. I bought about four bags full and have had it stashed in the closet ever since. But she was pretty excited.

Warren wasn't too impressed with the whole unwrapping presents business. Isn't he the cutest?

Warren wasn't allowed in there when all the big kids showed up. Apparently, he didn't get that memo.

Guess who's Mama forgot to buy candles? Thank goodness my neighbor Colleen (Julia's mama) had some. I mean, seriously, who forgets candles? In my defense, I DID buy a "5" candle, I just can't find it. So there's that.

And what's a party without a pinata? They should make special kids' pinatas. I mean, have you ever tried to whack one of those open? It's tough work!

Warren was up to the challenge though.

Scott gave it his all...

As did the Birthday Girl...

But it was the big girls who finally got it open, and then the kids all swarmed.

It was a super fun party, if I do say so myself. I was worried that Ava would be a little disappointed that it wasn't a "kid" birthday party, like some of her friends have had, it was more of a BBQ for the growups with a princess cake and a bounce house thrown in for good measure, but she didn't even seem to notice. It's just more fun for me and Nick to have a party for us and pretend it's for her, and as long as they're young and don't object, I think that's what we'll keep doing. Of course, he won't be her for Warren's birthday. Or Scott's.
Or mine. But maybe next Oct he can be here for Ava's again! Have I mentioned lately how much I love the USS Houston?!?!

And here's the morning after shot. This was the goal folks: two kids playing quietly in the bedroom while Mama and Daddy enjoy some peace and quiet. Very nice.

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    Okay, so when I read this from my phone, I couldn't read the words on the bounce house or see what the picture was on the front. It looked like a bunch of mushrooms! So I was thinking what in the world is wrong with the folks in Guam! Glad to see now that it's just candy.

    And bless your heart. I say it all the time, but I have no idea how you do it. You are seriously, for really oh, my hero.