Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, I had another ob appointment yesterday. I gotta stretch these suckers out further, I feel like I was JUST there! Warren also had an appointment yesterday- with an AUDIOLOGIST! When I took that stinker for his 18mos checkup, the pediatrician (who was new, which should have just negated everything he said) was all uppity about the fact that he had "a dramatic buildup of scar tissue" in his right ear. He asked if Warren'd had a lot of ear infections, and I stupidly admitted that he'd had a few, but that I hadn't taken him in for treatment. I'm sorry, but I'm just not that kind of mom! When you take them in, they just give you antibiotics that YOU DON'T NEED and send you home. Well, besides helping to create a super bacteria worthy of a Stephen King novel, overuse of antibiotics also really does a number on little Engelbrecht digestive systems. This is a polite way of saying IT GIVES MY KIDS DIARRHEA LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. So now, I don't regularly take them in for something as silly as an ear infection.

So this guy acted liked I was the Worst Mother Ever and told me that I needed to get his hearing checked because he thinks he's got some hearing loss and that's why his vocabulary is underdeveloped.

Uh, his vocabulary is better than Scott's. Not better than Scott's was at eighteen months- just plain better than Scott's.

But, I didn't want the guy calling DCS on me, so I went ahead and made the appointment. For last month. And showed up. And the appointment had been cancelled. So I rebooked it. And showed up. Again.

And the audiologist did the test and was super nice and just a great doctor. Why can't they all be like that? He also said that the scar tissue is minimal, and Warren has fine hearing. He wants me to follow up in two months, and I probably will just because he was so nice, but he wasn't worried AT ALL. I have half a mind to go give that pediatrician a piece of it. I miss our NP from Portsmouth!!!

But anyway, after Dub's tests, I had my ob appointment. When I climbed up on that read out one hundred and ninety pounds.


That's forty pounds more than I weighed when I got pregnant. That's two pounds more than I weighed the day before I DELIVERED Warren. It's thirty pounds more than the day before I delivered Ava. How did this happen? How did this happen in twenty three weeks? Really?!?!?!

Dr. Staben was still really nice and non-judgemental, but she was serious this time. This has to stop. She told me she absolutely does not want me to gain any more weight, and she would actually prefer I lose a few pounds. She actually said five to ten, but I know my body, and that's not going to happen. It's just not. Maybe (MAYBE) five. But no way I can lose ten pounds in the next sixteen weeks, not with Nick being gone (if'n he ever leaves, that is :) ) and being too tired to work out. She asked me if I wanted to get a consult to meet with a nutritionist, and I said no. Now I sort of wish I'd said yes. I mean, I figured the nutritionist would just tell me to stop eating McDonalds twice a day, to stop eating those soft deli cookies by the package, and not to eat a bag of Halloween candy a day. I KNOW I shouldn't do those things! But maybe they could have helped, I don't know. I might call Staben back and ask her to put it in. Who knows.

She asked if I'd ever done weight watchers and I told her yeah, I've done it three long, hard times. So she said to do that now. I asked if I should add any extra points since I'm pregnant and I think she almost laughed at me. She said "ah, no, YOU don't need to add any extra points." Emphasis on the YOU. Very funny lady. She said not to be surprised if I come up diabetic at my 28 week labs, and that if I didn't get this under control, I was gonna have one of those huge diabetic babies whose sugar crashes after delivery and has to stay in the nursery with an iv of dex. I used to work labor and delivery ya'll, I do NOT want that!

So that's where we're at. Please, no snarky comments about how dangerous it is to lose weight while pregnant, and what a quack this ob must be, and all that. It's not dangerous. What I'm doing is dangerous. She's not a quack, she's a respected and trusted physician that I used to work with and I adore. She's certainly not the first doctor to tell a patient to lose a little weight. I'm probably just the first patient to admit it.

But pray for me ya'll. Because I have to walk past those soft deli cookies every single time I go to the commissary. And they speak to me, they really do. Blah.


  1. I have a very strict no exercising when pregnant rule, so I'm at a loss for words of encouragement. I did however, have debilitating morning sickness that probably kept me from overeating. Praying for you to be disciplined to be as healthy as you can be for you and sweet baby girl! How's thta?

  2. I know you can do it! I use to want to do WW with you just b/c you had your act together and I admired you. The only reason I didn't right after you had Warren was b/c I wasn't working and Ryan was freaking out about money. If you want I have a WW cookbook that I can send to you. I've made some of their recipes and they are good. It doesn't have a ton of pics so you know we hardly use it. They even have desserts and ice cream (okay sobert) recipes. Yum!!! Get your mojo working and eliminate those diabetic worries.