Monday, October 11, 2010


We went up to the bowling alley the other night cause Mama was craving a burger like you wouldn't BELIEVE. I figured I'd get to eat to my heart's content while the kids all bowled and ran around and acted like Engelbrechts. I was mostly right, but they wanted to eat too, and at the same time as me. Ugh. But it was mostly a success. Definitely an idea I'm keeping in my box for these two months of Single Mom-ming it.

Since it was Saturday night, it was Black Light Night or something like that. Kinda neat. You couldn't tell with my flash on, so I decided to turn it off. Pics are blurry, but that weird color? That's actually the color that everything was. Kinda neat, I don't know.

Watching the big kids bowl is apparently a little tiring.

So is waiting for the long long long long trip the ball has to make down the lane. Sometimes, the ball stops, stands still for a sec, then rolls back. Back towards us. Huh.

And when we left, Ava decided to leave her socks on.


That's how we roll.

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