Friday, October 29, 2010


So I can't remember the circumstances, but there's this episode of the Office where Michael says "carni-VAL' in a Michael type voice. So since the kids had their school carnival today, I've been saying it like that all week. They don't get it.

Here's Handy Manny, all dressed up. Let me say real quick that I have the kids to school every day by eight. We had to be there no later than nine today. I ALWAYS get there by eight. But today, when we didn't have to be there till NINE, I was late. I just couldn't get it in gear! Very strange. So I took these pictures at like 8:55. At our house. Thirty minutes away from the school. Isn't that crazy?

But I digress. Here's Princess Ava. She was originally supposed to be a butterfly, but I let her chose her own costume on Amazon and we ended up with what I can only describe as a purple princess, with butterfly wings. Search me, I don't get it. But she sure is cute :)

And I just now realized I didn't get any of just Warren! Dang it. But you can still see him here. Yes, they're standing on my table. It's too hard to squat down to their level to get a picture.

Some shots from school...

Warren "playing" one of the carnival games with a teacher...

Probably my favorite shot of the day. They had donuts on strings, and you were supposed to "bob" for them, sort of like you do with apples I guess? So I told Scott he couldn't use his hands, and he REALLY tried not to, but it was like involuntary, he couldn't get his hands down. So cute.

And in a close second for best shot of the day, my five year old. Isn't she beautiful? I know all moms think their kids are the most beautiful kids ever, but seriously. Come on, she's gorgeous!

In the bounce house, which had a basketball hoop...

Oh shoot, I forgot about this one. This is actually my favorite shot of the day. He kept winning pirate patches at the carnival games, so he figured hey, why not wear two. After all, he has two eyes...

And then some random shots of the baby after I collapsed into a chair and couldn't get up anymore. It's hot out there ya'll!
Oops. Guess there's just the one random shot. Oh well. We'll be trick or treating tomorrow (the 30th, for those of you who can keep up with the time change. We'll be trick or treating the day BEFORE Halloween. Gotta love Guam) so I'm sure I'll have a TON more pictures.

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