Friday, October 15, 2010

The Future of America

There he is, in all his glory. Do I even need to say anything? I really think this picture says it all, don't you? Wow.

So the first two days of my modified diet went all right. Can I just get a Guam pet peeve off my chest right quick? A lot of things that you have to pay for online (such as Weight Watchers) you have to provide a billing address for your credit card. You put in your street, city, and then they give you a drop down menu for your state. And a lot of times, Guam isn't on it!!! Now, I'm not asking them to ship anything, I'm just trying to give them some money. SO ANNOYING!!! And target has done something to THEIR website and taken Guam off the drop down too, so you can't even get past the "billing address" page. I know for a fact that they ship here, because I've already had two shipments. (What can I say, I love me some target).

But unless you're here, you don't care. And if you ARE here, lemme tell you that on the Weight Watchers website, instead of crying (which is what I wanted to do) I put in my street address, city, zip code, and in the drop down I picked HI. And it worked, they charged me and I got access to the site. So that might be worth a shot if you ever end up in that situation. I just think it's a little unfair that Puerto Rico is in the drop down, but not Guam.

Anyway, I went over by seven points each day, which isn't really super bad because you get thirty five extra points a week (which, divided by seven days is five a day, right?) and I get two every time I sweat it out on the efx or my walking trail for thirty minutes. So both those days came up even. When I was seriously doing weight watchers and losing ALL THAT WEIGHT a year ago, I didn't eat my extra points OR my activity points, to maximize the loss to two pounds each week, but I figured that's not really what I'm going for at this time. Yes, Dr. Staben wants me to lose weight. But as I said, I'll be satisfied with staying one ninety for the next fifteen weeks. That, to me, will be a HUGE accomplishment. Right?

Anyway, day one was sabotaged by the box of hohos (did you know they're not really called that? I don't know why I call them that, they're actually called Swiss Cake Rolls. Stupid name) in the freezer that I bought when I was Eating Everything In Sight. There was ONE left, and it was taunting me. So, in true Jennifer fashion, I said "well, if I eat it today, then it'll be gone and I won't have to deal with it anymore." So eat it I did. That was Thursday, swim class day, and after swim class, we go to McDonalds if Miss Meg says the kids were good listeners. AND I DIDN'T ORDER A BIG MAC MEAL, SUPER SIZE. I got a diet coke and went home and made a sammich. I did pilfer two nuggets after the kids went down, but I charted them and went about my business. So, for me, that was a HUGE victory. A big mac meal itself is twenty four points.

Day two was a different story, and I still say it's not (entirely) my fault. Brandi wanted to go to lunch, so I picked Subway. Instead of Wendy's, which is what I really wanted, or Chili's. I got my sammich (five) and bag of chips (two) and at the last minute I got some cookies. I'd been good all morning and they looked really good, and I figured Warren would eat some. He didn't. He did eat half a sammich (what a weirdo) but not one single bite of those dang cookies. So I ate them, figuring they couldn't be THAT BAD. And I didn't look up points until hours later, even though I had my phone with me and it would have taken two seconds to pull it up.

Four points. Per cookie. So I sat there, not even hungry, and ate twelve points. I know better than that!!! I've been doing weight watchers pretty much since I was fifteen!

But that was yesterday, and this is today, so that's all I'm going to say about it. I'm not a machine, I'm a pregnant woman who likes to eat her feelings even when she's not pregnant, so cut me some slack. I "worked out" both days (it's hard to call what I can do working out, but I sweat and can't catch my breath, so I'm calling it like I see it) and I'm excited. I just want to do something good, so that when I go back to Dr. Staben I can say "Look! See? I'm not a loser! I did it! Hooray for me!"

No wonder my kid walks around with a bucket on his head. His mama's a looney tune.

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  1. It's always hard when you first get back on the wagon!