Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Lately

Well, it's been a week. I may or may not have lost two pounds. I got my initial starting weight in the middle of the afternoon at the doctor's office with my clothes on (granted, here in Guam I barely wear clothes. Which is another source of motivation for a little healthy revamp) so I'm not sure how acurate that was. Not sure why I didn't wait until the next morning to get a real weight. That's not true. I was so ashamed and mortified at all the things she said that I came right home and signed up for WW online, and you have to put in your weight. Who knows why I just said I wasn't sure. I try to make a point to be brutally honest here.

So anyway. My naked, first morning weight was two pounds less. So, even if I didn't actually lose, I didn't GAIN three pounds, which is what I've been doing every week for the past twenty four weeks. So that's good enough for me. I "exercised" every day except Sunday, I skipped McDonalds BOTH times I could have had it, and there are still two kitkats in my freezer instead of in my belly. Which is where they REALLY want to be :( Amazingly (insert sarcasm here) not eating truckfulls of crap all day and night and not laying on the couch for hours on end has actually helped with the extreme fatigue I've been having. Wow. Who knew, right? I hate healthy people.

Nick is still here. I'm getting nervous about what this will mean for his follow on schedule. Right now, he SHOULD be here for both Christmas and the delivery of Baby Girl Engelbrecht (no, we don't have a name, so stop asking) but he tells me that it won't change. But seriously, what's he going to do, tell me that I'm going to be all alone? Not likely, I'd lose my mind and he knows it. So he's probably just trying to keep me calm until it gets a little closer. No idea when he's going to leave, it could literally be any hour. That's pretty hard, you can't really prepare for that. So we're just not thinking about it at all, and going to the beach all the time instead. Works for me :)

Those pictures above are my continued attempts for a Christmas card photo. Scott just WILL NOT cooperate. So, if you get a card from me and it only features two kids...he's still alive. Just not in pictures.

Now, not to be one of those annoying braggy 'isn't my kid so cute!' mamas, but look at these pictures. There's a way in photoshop to edit the eyes, so that they really pop up and stand out. I haven't figured it out yet-these are their real eyes! Aren't they beautiful? Scott's have ALWAYS looked like this, but Warren's have just recently turned lighter. I just can't get enough of these pictures!

And apparently, the bucket-on-his-head is going to be a common thing for a while. Sigh.

Here's more weird stuff he does: he was crawling in the water, weaving in and out of Nick's legs, for about ten minutes straight. Laughing, having the time of his life, just weaving in and out. Tell me that's not strange!!

Nick finally stepped back onto the sand, and Warren followed him right up to keep doing it! Didn't work so well out of water though. Poor kid :(

So then he decided to eat his foot instead. Huh.

The ever popular boogie board...

So that's life lately. Not very exciting, but we like it.


  1. congrats on not gaining weight. that was my biggest fear during pregnancy, being fussed at by my drs! love the post and the pics... your kids are precious!

  2. Awesome job with the weight! Keep it up. The close up of Warren and Ava was crazy to look at. It's like looking at baby Nick and little Jennifer. I know how you feel with the boat waiting to leave. Ryan's first sub was like that. They would break and would be stuck in port, they may or may not get things fixed. If Ryan didn't make it home around dinner then I knew he had probably left. Thankfully at least on JO would call their wife to let them know they were gone and then she would relay the message to everyone else. Very frustrating. Hope things work out soon.

  3. Okay, the one of all three of them was great! You could do a collage type of card.
    And if Nick doesn't make it back for Christmas... then I insist you come have christmas with The Storm.

    And their eyes are beautiful.

    Such cuties.

    Speaking of Christmas, is it awful that Hail is sick so I let him pick the movie for rest time and he chose The Grinch? And I didn't protest... cause he's sick?? And probably wouldn't have anyway??

    I know, I know.

    PS. I hate healthy people too.