Sunday, October 24, 2010


So we wanted to do something besides go to the NEX (which is our go-to weekend activity, when we're not going to the beach) so we decided to go for another hike. A nice, easy, flat one, just up a trail. Someone (who was SO WRONG that I won't post her name) told me to try Mt. Lam Lam. So we packed water, got sunscreened up, and headed out to Agat to try and find this trail.

We couldn't find it. Like, at all. So we decided just to drive around the south end of the island for a while. It was a GORGEOUS day, not a friggin cloud in that sky, so it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

We discovered a new group of know, good old fashioned cement igloos. On Guam.

Saw some goats tied up on the side of the road...

More scenery and photo ops...

There's this place on Guam called Jeff's Pirate Cove, I'd heard about it even before we moved out here. And hey, since we couldn't find a place to hike and get some exercise, why not eat out instead? Sounds good to me! It was kitchy and the food was fried and good and it was just nice.

We also stopped at a little fruit stand sort of thing and finally got our hands on some pepper jelly- WOW. People weren't lying, that stuff is AMAZING. Wow. Did I already say that?

We drove back down and gave it one more shot, looking for that trail. Instead, we found a little trail leading to a thousand stairs, and up top there were more breath-taking views. Seeing this landscape makes it easy to forget how miserable I get here :)

Dad, look at that picture above this line: that's Cocos Island. Look familiar?

While we were up there, we finally saw what we'd been looking for- the trail up Mt. Lam Lam. It would lead to those teeny tiny crosses up there, way up there. Way way WAY WAY up there.

Uh, what the heck? How on EARTH would we have made it up there?!?!? Even without the kids, even without being six months pregnant, there's no way I ever would have made it up there? That's my mountain for goodness sake!!! I mean, it's probably a thousand miles up!!!

Right before we started back down the stairs (which isn't that much easier than going UP stairs, by the way, now that I've got a belly on me) a group of tourists showed up. I don't want to offend anyone by saying Japanese or Korean because I'm not sure, no one spoke to us. Us being me and Nick. They spoke PLENTY to the kids, mainly the boys. I mean, WOW. They didn't speak English, but they knew enough to beg the boys to take pictures with them. Scott ate it up, hugging and kissing and posing with everyone who paid him any attention at all. So cute. A little weird, but mostly just cute.

See Scott behind that guy? Some girl's literally got her arms wrapped around him. What do they do with these pictures? Do they go home and show them to their friends and say "Look at this little blond kid, isn't he cute?" I just don't get it. But they were so nice, and so funny, and the boys thought it was a total blast.

So that was our Saturday. Much better than going to the NEX :)

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  1. "They" ('cause they is never offensive when discussing minorities) :) anyway.... They are really intrigued by the light hair and eyes. My brother took his three blondes/bright blue eyed kids ages four and under to China last spring. He took tons of pics where it looked like paparazzi swarming them in the streets. Crazy, huh?

    Beautiful pics, as always. Glad you had a great weekend!