Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disney Scrapbook Album

So. About eleven weeks ago (isn't it funny how when you're pregnant, you measure life in weeks? Or is that just me? Anyway...) I ordered these cute little albums and TONS of (not very) cute Disney paper and stickers and all that (it's as cute as Disney stuff gets-it's just too colorful for me. Ya'll know my favorite colors are brown and beige right?) and I got a million collages from snapfish so my pics would be all small and framed and perfect, and I figured two weeks, I'd be done. A week for my 2010 book, and another week for our 2008 set. Well, I don't get it. I worked and worked and WORKED and worked on these books. And by "these" I mean THIS, because I've only started the 2010 one. And I'm JUST NOW FINISHED WITH BOOK ONE!!!

What the heck?!?! I don't get it either. I gave up TV! That freed up like five hours a day! And it's still taken me eleven weeks? To do ONE TINY BOOK? I don't understand! A big problem is that the books are REALLY TINY. The pages are 6x6. Had my beloved mathematical husband been around, he might have warned me that a 6x6 page isn't HALF of a 12x12 (the size I typically use) it's ONE QUARTER the size of a 12x12. That might have been good to understand. It's hard to fit anything on a tiny little page! And I LOVE my cricut, don't get me wrong, I seriously LOVE that thing, but it is TIME CONSUMING to cut out and glue together and glue on all those tiny little letters.

Phew. I'm exhausted remembering it.
But at LAST I finished, and since I put so much blood sweat and tears into it, you better believe I'm posting it. Of course, it took another eleventy billion hours to scan it all in, but ya'll know I like to practice on my Photoshop. So it was worth it.

Now, the journaling was tricky because the pages were SO SMALL. I was originally just going to clip these little tags into the rings (I'm using a two ring binder format-SO MUCH easier than post bound albums!!!) but then they were still covering up the pages. SOO...I made these neat little pockets on the backs of the pages, and these cute little tabs on the tops of the journal stickers, and viola! Hidden journaling that you can just pull up when you need to read it! I think it was one of my most creative moments ya'll!!! I journalled for probably a little over half the pages, but these particular tabs go with the first characters and Meeting Minnie Mouse page.And now I'm finally done!  HOORAY!

Now to tackle the 2008 book....

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  1. i know you're gonna say this is SO CHEESY but Jen, these are so special. How awesome when your babies are old enough to pull these out and browse through them and then you'll walk in and be so touched and start crying and embarrass them! Love it!