Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Two Thanksgivings

So on the actual Thanksgiving day, our boat wives club (they call it the FRG, which is supposed to mean Family Readiness Group, but really, let's call a spade a spade-it's the wives club) hosted a lunch at one of the wives' houses on base.  It was small and cozy and had a bounce house and AMAZING food and people I knew- it was perfect.  Just what you'd imagine a bunch of sub wives with no husbands or extended family around for the holidays would do.  Unfortunately, I left my camera outside the entire time, and I stayed inside (with the air conditioning) the entire time, so I only got these TWO pictures, from when I first got there.  Isn't that a bummer???

She lived right up against a park, so while all the other kids were in the bounce house, Special Scott was at the park. Ahh, Scott. But he ended up having a good time, trust me.

THEN, my friend Brandi invited me to a Thanksgiving on Sunday.  Her husband is the nurse, remember, so he had to work Thurs, Fri, Sat (don't miss those twelve hour shifts, I'll tell you that much) so he and some of his workmates were going to do Thanksgiving on Sunday afternoon.  Well, knowing how I feel about meeting new people, you can imagine what my initial response was: hell no!  I mean, show up at some stranger's house, begging for food at a Thanksgiving shindig?  NO WAY!  BUT, Single Mommying is wearing me down, and that was a LONG four day weekend with no preschool.  So, I ground my teeth together and said I'd go.

And let me tell you: best decision I've ever made.  Yes, I felt VERY awkward.  Yes, I sensed the hostess thought it was a little rude of me to show up.  But in the end, she said yes, and she welcomed me into her house, so I guess it's sort of her own fault if she hadn't wanted us there.

Anyway, it was so fun! They live way up on this mountain by the Air Force base, out in the middle of nowhere- literally. We're talking a gravel road led to a dirt road which led to two ruts in the ground from tires, it was THAT isolated. And they had a HUGE house, with a pool and a hot tub that wasn't heated, which was perfect for my little shorties to go in without their lifejackets!

The family had four kids of their own- twin thirteen year old boys, then a girl who musta been about ten or eleven I think, then a sweet little five year old girl.  And they were Alabama fans, with Roll Tide stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE and I felt a little bad that Auburn had just beat them the day before, but after some initial teasing from the husband, they didn't mention it again.

One of the twins, Alex, is Warren's new best friend.  Honestly, if they lived any closer, he'd be my new go-to babysitter.  He carried Warren around, held him during dinner and fed him, played ball with him, colored with him, watched tv with him- they were inseparable!  And he really seemed to genuinely enjoy doing it!  So that was amazing in and of itself.

I kept telling him to just be firm, to put Warren down and tell him "all done!" But then Warren would raise his little fat arms and say "UP! UP!" And Alex would IMMEDIATELY bend over and pick him up!  SUCKER!!  Haha.  But Warren REALLY enjoyed the one-on-on attention.

And Scott.  Oh, Lord help me when that blonde headed, blue eyed charmer hits the dating years.  The older daughter, Vi, was Scott's own personal new-best-friend.  She played with him NONSTOP the entire day!  She NEVER seemed to get annoyed with him, she was very patient and loving and just so sweet.  Scott though didn't seem to understand that her name was Vi (rhymes with pie) so he kept calling her "my friend." "Hey, my friend, watch this!" "Mama, have you seen my friend?" "My friend!  Wanna go swimming?" He was in absolute heaven.  I'm actually getting a little teary thinking about it!

You can't see him in this picture, but this is Vi (I don't actually know how they spell it, or if it's short for something) driving Warren in the jeep, and Scott's chasing after them.  She's got Warren strapped in with a hula hoop :)

And the one up there is Alex pulling what must be a combined weight of well over a hundred pounds worth of Ava and Lee in a wagon.  Bless his sweet heart!!!

Ava had a blast with Lee (she always does) and the five year old little girl, Eliza.  Brandi, if you're reading this, seriously, thank you so so so so much for inviting me.  I can't tell you how much it meant to me.  It was the most fun I've had in a LONG TIME.  And please tell Lauren that I'm so sorry Team Engelbrecht showed up and destroyed her house and mooched off her lovely Thanksgiving Dinner, but she really made my day.  My week!  Heck, my whole month!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

And Nick, if you read this when you get back: I know we agreed that having a pool in our yard would be a pain and a hassle and too much work to be worth it.  But I want you to know that we've changed our mind.  We need a pool!!! Or at least a big hot tub that we can leave cold :)

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