Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still With the Bucket on His Head?

If you're secretly wondering does she just stick things on that kid's head to take a cute picture? let me assure you that I do NOT. And c'mon ya'll, I'd tell you if I did. He just really likes hats! Of course, he won't wear any of the seven hundred tiny toddler sized Auburn hats that I bought on our trips to J&M those times (that store is just set up to take advantage of mothers from out of town! I mean, the toddler sized stuff is RIGHT there when you try to walk in!!! And then all the bows by the register...of course, I haven't been there in three years, so it's probably changed. But still!)

Not much to blog about, just showing off my mad up-loading-pictures-on-my-mac-that-I-still-hate. Nick left yesterday (I know, I couldn't believe it either!) and he isn't supposed to be back until just before Christmas. I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll be gone longer. Luckily, my kids are young enough that we can just pretend Christmas is on a different day, a day when he's back, but what about people with older kids? And I guess if I really needed to keep up the charade, I'd have to keep them away from school AFTER Christmas or else they'd wonder why THEY didn't have Christmas...oh well. That's what, seven or so weeks from now? Trying not to think that far ahead.

Trying not to think of Jan 30ish, and trying not to wonder if the boat's delay (they were supposed to leave in the beginning of Oct!!!) will mean that they go out in January. We always had the foresight to plan our pregnancies PERFECTLY so that Nick could be there for the delivery (although we cut it close with Scott, Nick flew in from Diego Garcia six days before he was born) but there was no way to plan it this time, we just had to hope for the best since we don't really have any idea of the schedule more than a few months out. And it took FOREVER (for us, the most fertile couple in America) this time, so really it was a crapshoot. But I've been super stoked that they were scheduled to be here in January and super bummed that they'd be leaving right after she's born. And now I'm super bummed that they might be gone for the delivery (who the HELL is going to want to keep my THREE TERRIBLE CHILDREN for the FORTY EIGHT HOURS that I'll be in the hospital?!?!?!) but super stoked at the idea that if he misses the delivery, he'll get to be home for those few weeks after she's born.

Both of which scenarios are COMPLETELY out of my hands, so seriously, I need to just forget about it. I'm sure someone will take the big kids. Right guys? RIGHT!?!?! And then the rest I'll just have to wing.

Great. Winging it. My favorite.

Anyway. It's almost time for Harry Potter!!! Are you excited? I am, but not like usual. The whole getting a sitter and all that jazz kinda puts a damper on things, you know? And by the way (or, as my super cool MOTHER now says, BTW-ack!) I became THAT MOTHER the other night. This lady was complaining about needing a sitter, and I was thinking I should give her ****'s name and number and then I was thinking No way! What if she uses **** and LOVES her, because who wouldn't, and then I need **** and I call, and she's busy with this lady's kids? So I sat there with my mouth shut. And I feel badly, I really truly do. But at the same time, I have tons of kids, and they ALL love her, and she's great with them and a lot of the time her daddy comes to pick her up, and she even cleans up!!! And her TWO SISTERS babysit when she (rarely) can't make it. So no, I'm not sharing. It's a small island, this lady will find them soon enough, but until then, I ain't sharing. Ppppffffftt.

All right. Off to pick up **** so I can head to Bible study. Gotta get to writing about that soon, it's pretty good. Very different from my beloved Beth, but still good stuff.

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  1. I so wish I was there because I would take your 3 "terrible" kids in a second. I was lucky that Josh got to be there for my two but you are amazingly resourceful...you'll make it through this like everything else you have done.