Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swim Lessons

Today was our last swim class :(  That's a HUGE sad face!  Ya'll know how I love to be at the pool.  But we did private lessons (because even though I go to the pool a thousand times a week, the group lessons are twice a week and somehow when you throw in REQUIRED timelines, I'm THAT lady who can't make it anywhere, ever, on time.  Ugh) and we had to reschedule a few times and now that they're over, it's too late to sign up for groups again until January.  I know I know, woe is me, right? Hey, if you want to be complaining about swim classes in January, you can come to Guam too!  There's plenty of room here.  Although not enough bread for more than a few more families...

Anyway, usually during class I lay in the baby pool and read a book.  Now, let me just get on a tangent real quick.  My mother, who is a reading teacher and fostered a love of reading in me since birth, whom I  considered gave me the greatest gift of A LOVE OF READING, is constantly giving me crap about how much I read.  "I've never seen someone with three kids read that much" or "You should be playing with your kids instead of reading" or any other way to say it.  My mother!  A READING TEACHER!!! But you know what?  Reading is one of my, if not THE, top priorities.  I love to read, just about anything.  I love for my kids to watch me read.  I love for them to ask me to read to them whatever I'm reading.  I love to go to the library.  Oh wait, I hate to go to the library now.  But I loved to go to the library when we lived in civilization.  So, I read.  I read whenever and wherever I can.  My kids can entertain themselves, I certainly don't need to play with them.  They  know when I'm climbing into that pool, I'm going to be reading.  I'll look up whenever they call my name, I'll smile when they show me some stupid little kid thing that they're doing, I certainly don't ignore them.  But I'm gonna read, and no one (not even my own mama!) can convince me that this isn't one of the best things I could be doing with my time.

So yeah, I usually read, but since it was the last class, I pulled out my camera and snapped a few (seventy eight) pics.  I whittled it down to thirty, and only uploaded a few.  Ya'll are so lucky I don't have the time to upload as many as I always want to :)

Here they are with their wonderful teacher Ms. Meg.  Yes, she is my husband's big-boss's wife.  No, it actually wasn't awkward at all.

Doesn't she look like the karate kid?

And here, it looks like she's drowning.  I guess it's good I usually have my back to the class because if I'd looked over one day and saw this, I woulda flipped my lid.  But obviously Ms. Meg must know what she's doing, because both Ava and Scott are actually LEARNING HOW TO SWIM.

Ahh, Scott.  Who, at this moment, is taking a nap with his shoes on.  Don't get me started.  For the first few lessons, he would just wander off after twenty minutes and play with me and Warren in the baby pool.  And I think during later lessons, he spent more time playing with her dive toys than actually participating in class, but whatever.  Not my problem.  Ava and the other girl in the class (Anna, the "stylist" who gave her bangs?) are BFF so Scott probably just doesn't want to hang out with them sometimes.

And what's my brain child doing while I'm taking all these pictures?  Oh, the usual.  Eating leaves and things that blow into the baby pool.

I might be biased, but I'm pretty sure we have a future champion competitive swimmer on our hands here.  Although she sort of needs to stick her face down...

Warren  DESPERATELY wanted to get in the big pool with them.  Too bad buddy, maybe next time.

I think they're supposed to jump INTO the hula hoop.  Neither one of them did.

Who cares how smart he is, look at that cute face!

One last attempt to break free and get to that swim lesson.

But in the end, Ms. Meg always gives him a candy with the rest of the class, so no harm, no foul.  THIS face, not so cute.  But still.

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