Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

Today with the Thanksgiving program at school.  I know it's just one of those things that you grin and bear, and it was actually pretty cute, but COME ON!!! They're so long and cheesy and disorganized...but now that I'm sitting here looking at these pictures I can't stop smiling.  So nevermind, I guess it was a little precious.

First up was Scott's class.  Well, actually, first we had to watch the two year olds, then the three year olds, THEN Scott, but let's not dwell on that. I'm sure those mama's thought that their little ones were as cute as mine (even though they totally were NOT.)

I knew he was going to be in a costume, but I hadn't been able to get a straight answer about what it was, so I nearly DIED when he came in dressed as a turkey!!! HOW CUTE!!! And he was VERY excited about the lipstick on his cheek.  That's my boy!

Gotta love the expressions on his face.

And then there was Ava.  Sigh.  She'd been able to articulate to me that she'd be dressed as a pilgrim, but I had NO IDEA she would be so cute!  Now, I know I'm her mother and all, but seriously, have you ever seen a more beautiful child?  Even with boogers in her nose from these rampant allergies we're all having, Ava sometimes literally-LITERALLY!!!- takes my breath away, she is THAT beautiful.  Especially with her hair off her face...I just can't believe that she's my daughter!!!

Although she too is a master of The Dumb Look.

And then I couldn't resist these pics I took during the two year olds.  All the two year olds, as soon as they see their mama's in the audience, they get a little sniffly and sad, I have no idea why.  But some of them...can't handle SEEING their mama, and not being 'allowed' to go to them.  This is how Scott was last spring.  I mean, obviously, they could go to their mama if they really wanted to, it's not a prison, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, this poor girl SCREAMED- we're talking full on screaming- the entire program.  It was SO FUNNY!!!!!!

And the poor kid next to her was like "seriously? You're really distracting me with the screaming buddy."

I video taped the whole thing for Daddy, but I haven't quite figured out how to put it on the computer.  I know, surprising right?


  1. 1. Scott makes the cutest lil' turkey ever!!
    2. Ava is beautiful! And, she looks just like you in all the pics you posted a while back on your anniversary. So yeah, I can totally believe she's your child!
    3. Why in the world did the momma of the screaming turkey not go get her butterball and keep her from ruining the whole thing??
    4. Loved all your pics!

  2. Ava is so gorgeous, Jennifer! Love the pictures and the commentary =)

  3. Ava looks more and more like you each day. You guys are so cute! :) I have to ask...did that red lipstick take forever to come off Scott's face? I'm envisioning that the red faded into his skin. He sure was a cute butterball. I'm with Holly why on earth didn't that mother grab her kid? Some parents don't think of others. Seeing these pics is getting me super excited about Nathan's Christmas program!!! Can't wait to see my little guy on stage.