Saturday, November 6, 2010

This and That

So. Still having a pretty hard time with the mac, but I think we're figuring it out. It doesn't help that at the same time we're trying to get used to it, we're also trying to copy all our files from our big bedroom/office computer onto our old sony laptop. Apparently, even though the big computer in the bedroom is physically bigger, Nick says the old laptop somehow has double the space in it. So we're going to put the laptop in the big desk and chuck the old big computer. Sort of sad, we've had that big thing forever. And obviously, I don't understand "space" because it just DOES NOT make sense to me that there's more "room" in a laptop than in a real, giant, two foot tall computer. Go figure.

So, the latest thing I figured out? I FOUND my Halloween pictures, loaded them into a real folder and labeled it correctly, and then, after I went way back on fb to find where Mr. Joe walked me thru it step by step (tell him thanks a thousand times Alexa!!!) I not only scrolled thru them, but I figured out how to delete the crap ones ALL BY MYSELF! So there!

And in the middle of that, I found these cute kiddos who made their way into my new little library. Say what you want about my lackluster parenting skills, I know how to make me some CUTE KIDS. And that's what really matters, right?;)

Ahh! Meryl, I just cut and pasted them to move them around and it worked!! HAHAHAHA! Couldn't do THAT with my old laptop, moving pictures was the WORST on that thing! Had to go into the Edit HTML to get it done. HOORAY!

Wow, now I'm sort of excited. Any other Mac bloggers out there got any tips? I'm trying to work up the courage to email this sort of big deal blogger I stalk who uses a mac and ask her for some pointers. I actually composed the beginning of the email, but then I couldn't think of anything specific to ask! I just want my blog to look cooler like hers, with the tabs up top and stuff.

In other news, I didn't gain last week! Not sure how, considering the amount of Halloween candy I ate in secret in the pantry...but I'll take what I can get. And it finally happened, that thing where you go from dreading a workout to actually looking forward to it. I admit, I had totally forgotten that "runner's high" type feeling that you get. But now that it's back, I'm digging it. My next ob appointment is in twelve days and I'm so excited to hop on that scale and scream "STABEN!! CHECK ME OUT, I DIDN'T GAIN TWENTY MORE POUNDS!!!" My appt is with some other stupid person, hence the screaming. So that she'll be able to hear? I don't understand why on TV, women get to see the same ob every meeting for the whole pregnancy. The HN who booked my appt says "We have to make sure that you see other providers, because you never know who'll be on call when you deliver." Uh, I'm having a c section, so I could care less who delivers me, I won't even be able to see her face. And no matter what, I have a feeling that the NURSE PRACTITIONER that she booked me with is NOT going to be slicing and dicing, no matter WHAT day I go in. You know? That girl was dumb, now I'm pissed.

All right, one more question if anyone else is still reading: on a real computer, you get a backspace button to delete backwards from where your cursor is, and a delete button to delete FORWARD from the cursor, know what I mean? Well, I can only find a delete button, and it works backwards from the cursor like a backspace button. Is there a way to put the cursor at the beginning of a sentence and delete it all, forwards? Just a little thing, but sort of something I need, you know?

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